552 Firmware v1.4

User Guide

The available 552 user guide references the new features and functionality in the release version of firmware.

The available 552 user guide references the new features and functionality in the release version of firmware.

Last update November 3, 2011

Changes introduced in 1.4 include:


  • Save and load user settings to internal memory.


  • Improved transport control preventing semi-lockup conditions with some SD cards.

Known Issues

The list below are the published known issues for the latest 552 Firmware.

  • SD cards 64 GB and larger are not supported.
  • Intermittent issue with feeding AES/EBU from the 552 to some Sony cameras (e.g. F5, F55) where the camera will occasionally report "Input AES/EBU is not Pro Use". Workaround: Reboot the 552 or toggle the 552 sample rate from 48kHz to 96kHz and back again.


  • fix - a rare bug in which the Tape metadata and Date stamp was incorrect on the forty-third file recorded.
  • fix - a rare bug in which the meter did not always switch from the ST signal to the REC SOURCE signal.
  • fix - a bug which could cause the system to get stuck in Rec Pending mode with select SD cards.
  • fix - a rare condition which would cause the 552 to lockup when receiving poorly-shaped timecode.
  • fix - AES Metadata information is now correct (sample rate, bit depth flags).

1.2 - Release January 9, 2011

  • addition - Input Mute from Mix. Using the front panel shortcut HP press + Input PFL an input can be removed from the Master Output bus. The input still appears at its direct output and if selected as an option for AES output.
  • change - Input PFL now indicated with a flashing yellow input LED. Original indication was solid yellow.
  • change - in the absence of a time code signal, timecode & speed related metadata is not written. This is to prevent Final Cut Pro from introducing unintended sound file speed changes. The 552 continues to write the time-of-day value as a start time code stamp in bEXT when when time code is absent.

1.1 - Released January 5, 2010

New Features

  • split ear return metering
  • record timecode-to-track feature
  • auto record feature - on timecode advance
  • record-pause feature
  • take counter reset hot key. (PFL5 + Stop + Battery Check) Stop Mode Only
  • polarity reverse hot key sequence timeout so the user can execute function with one hand
  • slate mic to output on digital outputs if they are enabled.
  • time remaining on card announcements starting at 15 minutes


  • slate mic is now available during file playback
  • file/folder navigation; press play on a folder now plays the first file in folder
  • record time remaining notice is now available while recording
  • tone is deactivated when entering the Setup Menu and other menus using SVEN
  • meter ballistics (VU + Peak) added
  • default metering now VU + Peak Hold
  • MP3 file metadata
  • increase in SVEN output level
  • recorder now activates when in the Setup Menu

Bug Fixes

  • some SD Cards where not being recoginized on power up
  • numerous Return A/B metering problems
  • returns A/B gain when tone is active
  • slate and tone bug, where the inputs where not muted when the tone plays
  • digital output interruption when record is pressed
  • the slate and tone ouput on the 3.5mm jack with All Call when Talk back mode is enabled
  • 2 GB SD card formatting
  • several SVEN issues with loss of voice
  • the tone staying on the meters when the returns are activated
  • the input limiter indication when inputs are linked

1.0 - initial release


Please read and follow the steps below carefully. You may want to print them before upgrading firmware.

Sound Devices recommends backing up any existing audio data that may reside on the recorder. While no data on the storage is changed during the update process, it is best practice to backup the unit. In addition, it is highly recommended to save the current device settings since a firmware update can result in settings changing to factory default.

Prepare to Update

  • Before upgrading the firmware on the 552 from the original revision 1.0 release, the digital outputs MUST BE TURNED OFF. The update will fail if the outputs are set to AES. If upgrading from any later version than 1.0, this step is not necessary.
  • Download the 552 firmware file 552_1.4.zip using the link below.
  • From the zip archive, extract the file within named 552_1.4.prg file. Copy this .prg file to the root level of a SD or SDHC memory card. Do not place the file in any folder. The card must be formatted as a FAT32 volume.

Apply Update to 552

  • Power the 552 from a fresh set of batteries or from external DC. Do not perform the update with low batteries or unstable power sources.
  • Power down the 552 if it is already powered up.
  • Connect headphones so that you can hear SVEN.
  • Insert the SD card with the .prg file.
  • Power on the 552. With the new firmare on the inserted SD card, the mixer will auto-detect the new file and SVEN announces "Software update, press Battery Button if OK, press Stop to cancel."
  • Press the Battery Button to continue. SVEN announces "Checking file integrity,", then "Programming, please wait,", then "Verifying, please wait." When the update is complete SVEN announces "Update finished, please turn off power to complete".
  • Power down the 552.
  • Power the 552 on. The meters will "dance" and briefly pause on -30 LED on the left meter and -20 on the right meter, this indicates that the 552 is running the 1.4 revision of firmware. Please note any changes or additions to the Setup Menu (if applicable). Consult the 552 User Guide and Technical Information for details.

Video Instructions