744T Firmware v2.67

The available 744t user guide references the new features and functionality in the release version of firmware.

The available 744t user guide references the new features and functionality in the release version of firmware.

Last update November 9, 2011

Changes introduced in 2.67 include:


  • Low level File system improvements.
  • DC offset removed when HPF is enabled for high sample rate recordings.

Known Issues

The list below are the published known issues for the latest 744T Firmware.

  • If a single storage medium (i.e. CompactFlash card) is selected/available for recording and it is unintentionally removed the unit will briefly show that the volume has been taken off-line, but the display will still indicate recording and the record LED will remain illuminated for up to 30 seconds or until STOP is pressed.
  • When initiating a repair on an unformatted volume (not likely...but), the unit will begin the process and lock up, requiring a hard shut down.
  • FireWire storage volumes with a PL3507 FireWire chipset and hard drive fail the speed test. Threre is a problem reading from these external drives. There are no problems writing to drives of this type.
  • These known issues will be addressed in future revisions of firmware.
  • Cue Markers are deleted if file is automatically split.

2.67 - Present Release November 9, 2011

  • fix - Low level File system improvements.
  • fix - DC offset removed when HPF is enabled for high sample rate recordings.
  • posted November 9, 2011

2.66 - Released July 28, 2010

  • fixed - bug in which the recorder's drive(s) would would not properly mount when connected via FireWire to Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard).

2.65 - Released November 16, 2009

  • new - firmware revision number shows in boot up splash screen.
  • new - ability to mark a take as 'NG' (No Good). Typically used to identify a take as not the one to be used in post, although there may be sections of it which may be useful. Data stored in the iXML chunk.
  • new - STOP+LAMP shortcut for quick access to Circling or NG'ing the last recorded take.
  • new - add ability to change take status of any take from the take list.
  • new - addition of iXML (v1.52) parameters including <FALSE_START>, <NO_GOOD>
  • fixed - RF hash/noise no longer causes the recorder to incorrectly stop recording in ExtTC/cont - Auto Record mode.
    It will only stop when stationary TC code is detected.
  • change - When daily folders are selected, the daily folder is only created when record is first pressed. This prevents empty daily folders being generated if the 7-series is powered up every day but without recording anything. This also applies to the generation of top level and bottom level folders.
  • change - Drive "Erase" menus renamed to "Erase / Format".

2.63 - Released April 16, 2009

  • change: enhanced write algorithm to significantly improve real-time multi-track recording to DVD-RAM even while simultaneously recording to 2 media
  • new: LCD scrolling direction menu enables user to select which direction the rotary encoder scrolls through the menu
  • fixed: drive warning corrupt file bug

2.61 - Released March 16, 2009

  • fix - condition where keyboard combinations pressed with a connected keyboard (via the CL-1) could freeze the recorder.
  • fix - condition where Windows Media Players-generated WAV files would not be recognized or playable on the recorder.
  • added - periodic, automatic file header saving during recording to preserve WAV file integrity in the event power is lost during recording. Does not apply to FLAC or MP3 recording.
  • added - menu option to allow display of gain settings instead of sample rate/gain in the LCD.
  • added - latching tone - press and hold tone button >2 secs to latch on.
  • added - option to enable tone activation during record. Set in the Tone: Record Lock menu.
  • added - menu to prevent start up messages appearing at power up.
  • added - default 'tape' metadata if mid-level (daily) folder is set to none (important for EDL based workflows).
  • change - 10 Hz steps in the tone generator frequency.
  • change - scrolling through menu made more intuitive.
  • change - remove drive repair function and associated menus.


  • fixed - SPEED and TAKE tags were sometimes not written the BEXT chunk when the recorder was in EXT_TC AUTO or EXT_TC/CONT AUTO. This bug did not affect the iXML tags - they are always correct
  • fixed - The REC: Timer Start/Stop function did not function if the recorder was set to record to daily folders and the record start time was after midnight.
  • new - added beeps to Rec-Pause Mode, so beeps occur when recording is paused and un-paused.

2.48 - Released June 04, 2008

  • fix - MP3 time code stamp bug - time code was not getting stamped correctly in the ID3 tag
  • added - record-pause, allows for recording to stop, then commence without generating a new file.
  • added - Family UID added to iXML metadata
  • change/fix - "record pending” notification when a record command has been given and the DSP is not available to begin recording. The recorder now enters stand-by mode and will begin recording immediately once the DSP is available to record. This improves the overall performance and reliability of the CL-1 in particular. “Record Pending” also replaces the “Busy” notification.
  • change - CompactFlash formatting now adds a partition so that CF cards can be exchanged between all 7-Series Recorders including the 788T.
  • change - poly files no longer contain unused tracks. The 7-Series will no longer record zeros to unused tracks.
  • change - circled takes are now tagged <CIRCLE>= TRUE in the iXML chunk and @ is added to the BEXT filename.

2.40 - Released December 07, 2007

  • fix - MP2 and MP3 file length calculation.
  • fix - possibility of missed take introduced in 2.34 with CF after rapidly entering record after pressing stop. Unit now says, "Please Wait".
  • fix - project folder not setting and clearing copy flags in sub-folders. Bug introduced in 2.34.
  • fix - metadata note data saving. When notes were added and then edited, the edits occasionally did not take affect. Bug introduced in 2.34.
  • fix - when recording FLAC to CF, the recorder had the possibility of producing a file of length 0 seconds.
  • fix - when changing from FLAC format to MP2, the unit had the possibility of locking up.
  • fix - lockout of transport controls now operating properly.
  • fix - gain display only shows when gain knobs are turned.
  • change - estimate of available drive space when recording FLAC format. Original estimates too optimistic.

2.34 - Released September 25, 2007

  • added - 47952 and 47952F sampling rates. 47952F mode records at 47952 and stamps files at 48 kHz.
  • added - MP3-file format recording at numerous data rates
  • added - MP2 file format recording at numerous data rates
  • added - FLAC file format recording and playback
  • added - input gain to infinite attenuation option (Setup Menu selected)
  • change - media speed test improved. Speed testing for all available drives combined into one menu option. All active drives are tested at different sampling rates and routings.
  • change - multiple linked units now record with sample-accurate start and stop times, making file management easier in post production
  • fixed - long CF shutdown time
  • fixed - AES3-id digital output one sample offset between left to right.
  • fixed - AES3-id bit stream is incorrectly formatted in consumer mode
  • fixed - high-pass filter clipping
  • fixed - gain accuracy improved, better match between actual gain and displayed gain
  • fixed - files can played back when selected from the Setup Menu (bug introduced in 2.15)

2.15 - Released May 30, 2007

  • fix - WAV file headers now end in even byte words for proper importation into ProTools and Avid
  • fix - reformatting drive does not delete dynamic lists (scene names, folder)
  • change - error codes more descriptive
  • change - dash and underscore take separators back in
  • added - ability to delete unrecognized file types

2.10 - Released March 05, 2007

  • fixed - intermittent lockup when daily folders are set and new day is generated on power-up
  • fixed - lockup with external DVD-RAM drives in vertical position going off-line; recorder now drops a failed external drive if media goes off line
  • fixed - lockup using the CL-1 when Ctrl-H and Ctrl-C are pressed in a specific setup
  • fixed -lockup when no CF is inserted but unit is hooked to PC
  • fixed - lockup when v2.09 changes between FireWire drive and FireWire host mode
  • fixed - take numbers now increment correctly when false takes are generated
  • fixed - an invalid path error during file copying
  • removed - full screen error warnings during recording. Note: media will flash in drive info location if off-line
  • changed - remove system indications and stack warning indications

2.09 - Released January 14, 2007

  • fixed - scene name menu bug fix
  • fixed - sample rate stamping; the SR was stamped incorrectly if <REC> was pressed after playing back a file recorded at a different sample rate. This bug existed for all previous versions of firmware.
  • fixed - frame rate update on main screen after playing 48048F file.
  • change - the SOUNDDEV folder is now hidden from the File Viewer. It still appears when connected to a computer.
  • change - “Firewire Connection” menu option has been moved up the list. It is now menu item #2.
  • change - DVD-RAM speed improvements. Improved reliability with 3X media over the 5X requirement of previous revisions.
  • addition - low-cut and phantom control can now be linked. When you choose link mode, Ch2 is forced to Ch1 making them linked. Front panel Ch1 shortcut toggles Ch1 and forces Ch2 to Ch1. All other operations work the same. Note that low-cut and phantom are not permanently linked. i.e. once channels are linked, low-cut and phantom can be individually set for each channel.
  • addition - folder options menu with folders/subfolders for project, daily, scene, and name-your-own folder
  • addition - now prompted to generate new daily folder (for users who are on a set over midnight). Before creating a new daily folder, the unit checks to see if one exists for the previous day. If so, it prompts the user to see if they want to create a new one.

2.03 - Released October 9, 2006

  • fixed - take reset upon power-off bug
  • fixed - CL-1 keyboard lockup problem when another shortcut was pressed while still in an open menu
  • fixed - cursor moved to the end of string editing for scene name, notes, track name
  • fixed - "renaming folder" bug where "please wait..." would stay on screen too long
  • fixed - problem with Notes not always appearing on EXHDD
  • fixed - problem introduced in v2.00 where files in root directory wouldn't play if daily or scene folder was enabled
  • fixed - problem introduced in v2.00 where last file recorded wouldn't always play automatically when play was pressed.
  • changed - 7-Series can now see another 722 or 744T HDD via -1394 and use it as an EXHDD
  • changed - Daily Folder syntax now 06Y10M06 instead of Y06M10D06 to eliminate truncation on DV40, DV824
  • changed - characters for editing notes, scene names, etc now wraparound back to the beginning instead of stopping at "Z" when rotary switch is turned or the up/down arrows are used
  • added "Copy from EXHDD to CF" option in file copy menu
  • added -support for PL3507, GL711, FW912 FireWire chipsets (including MaPower enclosures and the Sandisk Extreme 1394 CF adapter)
  • added - in File Viewer, added Frame Rate information upon pressing the rotary switch
  • added - in take list screen, pressing rotary switch shows heading names

2.00 - Released September 25, 2006

  • fix - occasional “phasey" headphone monitoring signal
  • added - real-time recording to external hard drive or DVD-RAM drives over FireWire
  • added - post-record copying to external hard drive or DVD-RAM drives over FireWire
  • added - keyboard support (using the CL-1)
  • added - switch closures control transport controls (using the CL-1)
  • added - file metadata in iXML (1.4) format
  • added - post-record renaming of file names
  • added - post-record renaming of folder names
  • added - saving/recall of track names
  • added - saving/recall of scene names
  • changed - FireWire transfer speed increase to 50 Mb/s

1.74 - Released April 23, 2006

  • change - ".." now shows "Go to parent folder."
  • change - default take # is now "01" instead of "1".
  • change - "_" has been removed as a take separator to alleviate mono-confusion.
  • change - menu: "Single Folder" option change to "No Folder"
  • change - new menu item "File: View Take List"
  • added - rec / stop beep indication
  • added - file / folder delete
  • added - false take function via STOP-REW and STOP-FF
  • added - low battery beep
  • added - take list / circle take via STOP-PLAY


  • added - the SOUNDDEV folder has been put back to store user setup files, new firmware, and the INFO.TXT file
  • released March 28, 2006

1.67 - Released March 24, 1006

  • original release

Please read and follow the steps below carefully. You may want to print them before upgrading firmware.

Sound Devices recommends backing up any existing audio data that may reside on the recorder. While no data on the storage is changed during the update process, it is best practice to backup the unit. In addition, it is highly recommended to save the current device settings since a firmware update can result in settings changing to factory default.

Prepare to Update

  1. Download the 744t firmware file 744t_2.67.zip using the link below.
    From the zip archive, extract the file within named 744t_2.67.prg file. Copy this .prg file to the root level of a SD or CF memory card. Do not place the file in any folder. Do not place the 744t_2.67.zip file on the SD or CF card. The card must be formatted as a FAT32 volume.
  2. Apply Update to 744t
  3. Power the 744t from external DC. Do not perform the update with low batteries or unstable power sources.
  4. Power down the 744t if it is already powered up.
  5. Insert the SD or CF card with the .prg file.
  6. Power on the 744t.
  7. Navigate to Setup Menu option SYSTEM > Update Firmware and follow the on-screen instructions.
  8. When the update is complete, power down the 744t.
  9. Power the 744t on. The version number 2.67 will be displayed briefly on the splash screen while booting up. Please note any changes or additions to the Setup Menu (if applicable). Consult the 744t User Guide and Technical Information for details.