788T-SSD / 788T Firmware v3.02

ATTN. 788T Users: While the 788T is a discontinued product, its only difference from the 788T-SSD is the internal drive. Therefore, all 788T-SSD firmware updates and documentation about features and functionality still applies to the 788T.
Sound Devices 788T 192 khz Sampling Rate

192 kHz Sampling Rate

192 kHz sampling rate now offered for up to four tracks, one drive only.

C-Linked Metadata

C-Linked Metadata

Scene, take, notes, false takes, circle and track name metadata is now linked between C-Linked 788Ts.

Digital Input Limiters

Digital Input Limiters

The 788T-SSD now features digital input limiters for AES3 and AES42.

Additional 788T Firmware Enhancements

Additional Enhancements

L-Ident tone mode
Customizable CL-9 Trimpots
Decode MS into LR mode

The available User Guide references the new features and functionality in the released version of firmware.

The available 788t user guide references the new features and functionality in the release version of firmware.

Last update May 27, 2014 - Posted May 27, 2014

Sound Devices 788T/788T-SSD firmware - (v3.02) is a maintenance upgrade that offers improvements to the way user settings are saved. All current user settings are preserved through the upgrade process. Upgrading to v3.02 is highly recommended.


A Settings Flash Update is automatically applied the first time the 788T is booted up after upgrading to v3.02. This takes approximately 30 seconds. Please do not interrupt this process; having an L-Mount battery as well as Ext DC connected is highly recommended.

The following messages are displayed during the Settings Flash Update:

Settings Flash Update
Formatting, please wait...


Settings Flash Update
Recovering settings, please wait...

Once completed, the main LCD is displayed and normal operation can continue.


  • Settings are now saved to internal flash memory in a more robust and secure way, significantly reducing the likelihood of random loss or corruption of user settings.

Known Issues

The list below are the published known issues for the latest 788T Firmware.

  • Slightly delayed reaction when enabling tracks using the CL-9 Track Buttons.
  • When C-linking 788T's, if the Master 788T is set to record multiple mono files to more than one media, it can sometimes miss sending a record start command to the slave. For this reason, it is recommended that the Master 788T is set to record to Poly wave files if recording to more than one media.
  • CL-9 Trim Levels are not correctly restored after a power cycle. Workaround: Check trim levels after power cycles. A slight adjustment of the encoder will return the trim level to the set value prior to power down.
  • CL-9 Encoder Acceleration 2-Speed and 3-Speed settings do not work correctly when a USB keyboard is connected to the CL-9. Workarounds: Use Classic or Fixed Encoder Acceleration Modes or disconnect the USB keyboard and use CL-1, CL-WIFI, or Wave Agent Control Mode to enter/edit metadata.

3.01 - Posted Oct 15, 2013


  • Added 'A-H' meter view which gives the ability to meter the eight ISO tracks without having to switch meter view.


  • Removed Drive Speed Test due to inconsistent results. The original test was developed and optimized for use with older HDDs. It does not give accurate results with today's media.
  • Removed space character from the Take Designator and Scene Name menus as these can cause various work flow problems.
  • Recalls last meter view upon power up.


  • CL-9 Max Acceleration is now working when USB keyboard is connected.
    Note: It may be necessary to alter the Max speed setting to get the same acceleration feel as before.
  • CL-9 trim values now held over power cycles.
  • Outputs Set to HP L and HP R are now active after power cycle.
  • Changing current scene name while recording now ripples through to next take.

3.00 - Posted May 24, 2013

  • Support for 192 kHz sample rate. Up to four tracks (L thru B), one media only.
  • Scene, take, notes, false takes, circle and track name metadata is now linked between C-Linked 788Ts.
  • Added L-ident tone mode, including TONE+LAMP shortcut to toggle the mode on or off.
  • Added user-customizable CL-9 trim encoder adjustment. Affects trim gain and EQ Frequency.
  • Option to decode MS into LR MIX only and leave ISO tracks as un-decoded MS.
  • Added limiters for digital inputs (AES3 and AES42).
  • Faster drive formatting.
  • Added new Timecode mode, 'Free Run - Auto Output Mute'. This is the same as Free run mode, but mutes the Lemo timecode output when stopped. This can be used to roll external devices when Rec run timecode is not suitable.


  • Default Ext Low Voltage Threshold changed from 10.0V to 11.3V.


  • Output four, one sample delay.
  • 4 GB file split bug.
  • Various system improvements and optimizations.

2.19 - Posted June 18, 2012

  • New: Ability to set the WiFi channel number of the CL-WIFI in the CL-WIFI: Configure menu.
  • New: Passphrase warning. WEP64 security requires the use of a 10-character passphrase. The 788T now issues a 'Failed' warning upon exit from the CL-WIFI: Configure menu should the user's passphrase fail to meet this requirement.
  • Fix: Pan control issues when inputs are stereo or MS linked.

2.18 - Posted June 18, 2012

  • new - ability to store, name, and load unlimited user setups. Active settings are automatically embedded in every .WAV file and can be loaded from the Take List or Drive Directory.
  • new - ability to quickly arm/disarm a track using the switch position on the front panel trim pot while maintaining a fixed trim gain setting. Use the new 'Input Enables Only' option in the 'Input: Front Panel Controls' menu.
  • new - Output Delay feature for outputs 1 and 2. Delay ranges from 0.0 to 10.0 time code frames.
  • new - Mix Assist Mode option, On (LR tracks only). Mode allows user to simultaneously create both a mix-assisted mix on LR and a manual mix on any other track set to post-fade. Note: the original MixAssist Mode, 'On' is now called 'On (All tracks follow LR)'. In this mode, all post fade tracks are affected by MixAssist.
  • change - LCD contrast is not reset by factory defaults. Reset only by initialize function on bootup.
  • change - factory default input-to-track routing changed to '2 mix (L,R), 8 Iso (A-H)' with 10 tracks armed.
  • fixed - error conditions displayed incorrectly.
  • fixed - in rare circumstances with MixAssist, unused mics still contribute to NOM calculation, reducing overall gain.
  • fixed - with Mix Assist active, channels with fader gains turned completely down (-inf) not being removed from Mix Assist, preventing the last open mic from staying active.
  • fixed - outputs not active after factory reset.

2.16 - Posted October 18, 2011

  • new - Mix Assist - an automix function which turns unused microphones off.
  • new - Input Linking '5-8' option in menu 18.
  • new - option for 48V phantom on mic inputs only to help prevent inadvertent damage to vulnerable line sources. Options are now 48V (mic only), 48VL (line and mic) and Off.
  • fix - prevented entering certain characters (/, \, <, >, &, %) in Sound Report menu which could cause various issues relating to missing data in Sound Reports and potential lockups.
  • fix - some rare errors could display incorrect error messages on the LCD.


  • new - ability to create CSV sound reports for any existing folder of audio files on any or all recorded media.
  • new - ability to customize Sound Report headers in the new File: Sound Report menu.
  • new - WEP64 pass-phrase security added to the CL-WIFI: Configure menu.
  • change - simplified CL-WIFI: Configure menu by changing the IP address field to read-only.

2.14 - Posted February 22, 2011

  • new - support for the CL-WiFi iOS app for iPhone/iPod Touch, and iPad
  • new - support for the CL-WIFI hardware accessory
  • new - CL-WIFI: Configure menu provides options for setting the SSID and IP address of the CL-WIFI hardware accessory.
  • new - output routing matrix allows inputs, tracks or headphone sources to be routed to each of the 788T's six outputs. This menu replaces the Output:Source menus in previous releases.
  • new - 10 user-configurable headphone monitor presets each with its own flexible headphone routing matrix.
  • new - option to disable flashing behavior of blue Track Arm LED's.
  • new - 48048F / 24 fps timecode setting. Recorded files are sampled at 48048 Hz at 24 fps timecode, 'fake' stamped as 48 kHz and 23.976 fps.
  • new - additional input linking choices.
  • change - FireWire/USB: Connection menu option changed to Connection Mode. CL-WIFI mode added.
  • change - removed File:View Files and File:View Take List menus. These menus are accessible via the HDD menu.
  • change - modified CL-9 trim encoder acceleration.
  • fix - potential kernel exception / lockup in button lock mode when rotary encoders are turned continuously or when buttons are pressed multiple times.
  • fix - the sort order of takes in the take list could be confused by the change in month from Nov to Dec.
  • fix - FAT volume issue that could cause file corruption when duplicate takes are created.
  • fix - in 788T slave mode, the 'Writing to media' message no longer appears after a false take.

2.13 - Posted September 21, 2010

  • fixed - lockups / file corruptions fixed due to FPGA low-level gateware bug.

2.10 - Posted July 14, 2010

  • new - multi-unit linking via C.Link connection to lock word clock, time code, and transport with other 7-Series recorders.
  • new - support for editing metadata in Wave Agent (1.15) Control Mode.
  • fix - bug where false take screen would not clear if false take was initiated immediately after stopping a recording.
  • fix - scene name, track names, folder options etc no longer reset after formatting a drive.
  • change - the message that is displayed when firmware has been updated successfully is changed to "Press [check-mark symbol] to power down and finish update"

2.03 - Posted June 14, 2010

  • fixed - corrects an issue that can occur where a connected CL-8 can become unresponsive when updating firmware.

2.01 - Posted March 10, 2010

  • new - added support for 47.952kF / 23.976 workflow. It is now possible to select 23.976 when set to 47.952F sample rate.
  • new - slate shortcut in keyboard assign/logic in menu. Only works when a CL-8 or CL-9 is connected.
  • change - enhanced built-in slate mic intelligibility.
  • change - momentary action added to Keyboard/Logic Inputs - Record shortcut.
  • fixed - bug where Daily Folder prompt would not always occur.
  • fixed - CL-9 Footswitch (GPI) operation.
  • fixed - Q-factor now disengaging with simultaneous press of CL-9 EQ freq and EQ gain buttons.
  • fixed - selecting a HP preset using the encoder now cancels CL-9 track solo.
  • fixed - CL-9 track solos are no longer cleared after playback.
  • new - added HPF graphic symbol in display to differentiate between Low Cut and EQ FREQ modes.
  • fixed - bug where HPF and Delay would not work at high sample rates.
  • fixed - bug where CL-9 faders would intermittently not fade fully off.
  • fixed - various iXML/bEXT metadata issues relating to 47.952kF mode.
  • change - reduce likelihood of bEXT Description overflow by shortening default track names and removing other superfluous metadata.
  • change - optimized directory handling - reduces likelihood of slow media errors due to directories containing many files and to near full drives.
  • fixed - other minor fixes.

2.00 - Posted February 08, 2010

  • new - support for the CL-9 Linear Fader Controller
  • new - single band parametric EQ for each input (CL-9 only; not available at SR > 48048 Hz)
  • new - variable pan for each input into the LR mix tracks (CL-9 only)
  • new - track and output soloing (CL-9 only)
  • new - output muting (CL-9 only)
  • new - slate can be routed to any track or output (CL-8, CL-9 only)
  • new - two private, bi-directional communication lines (CL-9 only)
  • new - ability to use an external mic (input 8) or the built-in mic for communications
  • new - four programmable user modes (CL-9 only)
  • new - additional input linking options including: a) 1-5; b) 1-5, 7-8; c) 1-5, 7-8ms; d) 1-4, 5-6; e) 1-4, 5-6ms; f) 1-2ms, 3-4; g) 1-2ms, 3-4, 5-6; h) 1-2, 4-8; i) 1-2ms, 4-8
  • new - support for the upcoming Wave Agent Control Mode (Metering and TC display)
  • new - flashing blue track arm LED indication. This means a track is armed but has no active input routed to it and therefore will not record.
  • change - improved CL-8 fader latency
  • fixed - bug where non-linked limiters on master tracks would reset to linked after a reboot.
  • fixed - bug where 788T would think that more than 8 tracks were enabled at high sampling rates even though 8 or less were enabled.
  • fixed - bug where 788T would hang while shutting down during ‘Closing media’ screen.

1.76 - Posted September 08, 2009

  • enhancement: Improvements to limiter algorithm
  • new - Independent pre-fade and post-fade limiters; post fade levels that exceed the limiter threshold do not affect pre-fade level.
  • new - L/R track limiters. Can be linked, unlinked or disabled in the Master Levels page in the Track Setup Window (press INPUT key).
  • new - Aux1/Aux2 track limiters. Can be linked, unlinked or disabled in the Master Levels page in the Track Setup Window (press INPUT key).
  • new - 20:1 limiter ratio options for both hard knee and soft knee curves in the Input: Limiter Knee menu.
  • new - Meter Scale menu [68] with zoom mode and ability to create, name and save custom meter scales.
  • change - When daily folders are selected, the daily folder is only created when record is first pressed. This prevents empty daily folders being generated if the 788T is powered up every day but without recording anything. This also applies to the generation of top level (project) and bottom level (scene) folders i.e. they are only generated when record is pressed.
  • fixed - HP Power Up Gain settings 'last gain' and 'off' are now remembered after a power cycle.
  • fixed - RF hash/noise no longer causes the recorder to incorrectly stop recording in ExtTC/cont - Auto Record mode.
    It will only stop when stationary TC code is detected.
  • fixed - Engaging record using a keyboard or logic input shortcut now works from menu screens as well as the main display.
  • fixed - Possible lockup if an excessively large number of characters are entered in the 'notes' field.
  • fix - fixed rare bug where connecting to a computer via Firewire/USB could cause file/folder corruption on the 788T HDD.
  • fixed - other minor, miscellaneous bugs

1.75 - Posted June 24, 2009

  • fixed - elimination of a rare, random lockup condition which required a power cycling
  • fixed - elimination of a rare, file/system corruption bug causing a file to be not recognized.
  • fixed - bEXT Originator Date changed to the format YYYY-MM-DD. Files import into Sony's Vegas correctly as Broadcast Wave.
  • fixed - an error condition when an externally attached FireWire hard drive was attached when the unit is powered up; the error prompted to format the drive.
  • fixed - unit now remembers current edited routing after a power cycle.
  • new - faster power on (boot up) and ready to record, even with thousands of files on media.
  • new - support for the CL-2 Remote Fader accessory
  • new - Input: Fader Range menu. Allows user to select the dB range of the mixer faders. There are three options:
    i) Wide (off to +15 dB). This is the default and the only range available prior to this release. Allows boost and attenuation.
    ii) Narrow (-15 to +15 dB). This narrows the range thus allowing for finer control of mix levels.
    iii) Fade Only (off to 0 dB). This range only allows attenuation, no boost.
  • new - up to +15 dB of gain selectable on mix track levels. This is selectable in the LEVELS view in the Track Setup Menu which is accessed by pressing the INPUT button.

1.71 - Posted April 16, 2009

  • enhancement: enhanced write algorithm to significantly improve real-time multi-track recording to DVD-RAM even while simultaneously recording to 3 media
  • new: Track-to-Media feature in the Track Setup Menu enables user to route any track to any media in any combination. E.g. Route MIX + ISO tracks to the internal hard drive and MIX tracks only to DVD-RAM
  • new: tone record lock menu allows user to enable tone activation during record
  • change: tone latches when tone button is held for more than 2 seconds
  • new: LCD scrolling direction menu allows users to choose which way the rotary encoder scrolls through the menu
  • change: improved menu scrolling method
  • new: alternative option for routing inputs to tracks in the Track Setup menu
  • new: high-pass filters now available with digital inputs
  • fixed: rare TC drift bug
  • fixed: drive warning corrupt file bug

1.65 - Posted February 10, 2009

  • new - sampling rates of 88.2 kHz and 96 kHz, for up to 8-track recording to 2 media simultaneously.
  • new - latching tone option. A quick press of tone button latches the tone oscillator on, long press is momentary action.
  • new - "tape" metadata defaults to date if Tape (mid-level) folder is set to NONE. Important for AVID/TITAN/PROTOOLS EDL based workflows.
  • new- inputs can be routed to any track either pre-fade or post-fade.
  • new- the Track Setup Menu now has two additional view, Track Meters view and Track Routing Source view
  • change - tracks can be activated/deactivated by turning on/off the front panel Input Gain controls (similar to behavior prior to version 1.60)
  • change - removed the limitation on track/media count at 48 kHz recording. 12 track, 48 kHz audio can now be recorded to 3 media simultaneously.
  • change - improved data write speeds to all media.
  • fix - MP3/MP2 files can now be played back.
  • fix - 'tinny' sound in headphones when turning on/off pots eliminated.
  • fix - lockup when playing a file from a folder with a long folder name.

1.60 - Posted November 26, 2008

  • new - added CL8 controller functionality
  • new - 12-track recording (limited to 8-tracks when recording to 3 simultaneous record media)
  • new - dedicated track arming controls accessed using the Input button. Tracks can be record-enabled or disabled independently of input-to-track routing. This allows multiple inputs to be routed to tracks without needing to record them plus the ability to change routings during recording.
  • new - 12-track metering on the LCD display by pressing the Input button
  • new - post-fader mixing to L, R, Aux1 (X1) and Aux 2 (X2) tracks
  • new - inputs can be routed to Aux1 and Aux2 tracks pre- or post-fader
  • new - post-fader limiting
  • new - post-fader signal LEDs (on CL-8 only)
  • new - master gain controls for L, R and Aux1, Aux2 tracks
  • new - standalone 788T front panel trim pots can now be set as faders or trims from new Input: Front Panel Controls menu. If set as faders, trim is adjusted by the encoder when in an input settings window.
  • new - HP-mix-L and HP-mix-R output sources allows output signal selection to be controlled by the rotary encoder
  • new - latching and momentary Input Settings Window for easy one-handed operation
  • new - slate mic operation, requires a CL-8 to be connected
  • new - tone generator in 10 Hz steps from 100 Hz to 10 kHz
  • new - inputs can now be muted without clicking off trim pots
  • new - enhanced solo control options via CL-8 and new Input: PFL Function menu
  • new - bEXT and iXML support for 12 tracks
  • new - added headphone monitor modes for 12-track support
  • new - added input to track routing presets accessed via stop + input buttons.
  • change/new - LCD backlight button toggles between C,D,E,F and G,H,X1,X2 metering. LCD backlight toggle now controlled by LCD backlight button + encoder (press)
  • fix - resolves a bug where the play all setting in autoplay mode would not always work correctly


  • change - take list now activated by 'HDD' button instead of STOP-PLAY
  • change - STOP-PLAY displays message to use HDD button
  • change - take list uses "n" for next file, and "*" for current file
  • change - battery charging is now indicated when the 788T is turned on (as well as off)
  • change - browsing of drives done via "DRV" button on take list
  • change - "Drive:" items moved from menu to HDD button, except for "Drive: Speed Tests"
  • change - limiter minimum release time changed from 200mS to 50mS
  • change - headphones now have more gain
  • change - headphone gain curve improved - no longer have to spin several times
  • change - drive repair has been removed
  • change - removed Automatic Sync souce mode
  • new - all metadata is now applied across all drives, and all files for a given take
  • new - all editing of metadata, renaming of files, deleting of files done via "EDIT" button on take list.
  • new - SRCs are now enabled when necessary automatically based on sync source and incoming inputs
  • new - AES42 microphones now supported (note: 788T limiter not supported for AES mics)
  • new - scene name increment function
  • new - menu selection for control over LCD backlight color.
  • new - headphone modes: <LR,LR>,<LRA,LRA>,<LRB,LRB>,<LRC,LRC>,<LRD,LRD>,<LRE,LRE>,<LRF,LRF>
  • new - hold-off time code feature - improves performance in auto record time code mode when chasing video cameras
  • new - limiter now has selectable hard/soft knee
  • fixed - faster drive to drive file copy
  • fixed - phantom power setting is now remembered in linked mode when power is cycled
  • fixed - mute applied briefly when phantom power is turned on to save users' ears
  • fixed - headphone premature clipping bug fixed
  • fixed - battery switch-over bug
  • fixed - Bug where Rec Run value not saved overnight
  • fixed - bug where scene name not saved across power cycle

1.11 - Posted 10 September, 2008

  • Eliminates a hardware instability which could result in occasional erratic operation such as artifacts on the LCD screen or non-functional knobs.

1.10 - Posted September 03, 2008

  • fixed: when using user-set record folders and scene names, corruption of the file directory has been reported. The actual audio data is fully intact, but the files cannot be viewed or retrieved by the 788T or a computer - the directory shows up 'garbled'. An affected volume must be sent to Sound Devices for file retrieval.

1.07 - Posted 09 July, 2008

  • fixed: hard drive no longer has a chance to go off-line when stopped when a CompactFlash card is removed,
  • fixed: a FAT32-formatted CompactFlash card no longer erroneously reports "needs to be formatted" when inserted,
  • fixed: a slow drive/card no longer causes problems on other attached storage volumes,
  • fixed: limiter fully optimized - rid of audible artifacts,
  • fixed: file navigation greatly sped up on volumes with many files,
  • fixed: full volumes now retain FULL state across power cycles,
  • fixed: full volumes now indicate FULL reliably instead of occasionally getting stuck at 0:00,
  • added: slow volume/media errors now display a message box which needs to be cleared by the user,
  • added: errors now generate repeated tones in headphones until a message box is cleared,
  • changed: removed menu item Rec: Error Handler,

1.06 - Posted June 19, 2008

  • fixed - condition where the internal hard drive or CompactFlash storage could go offline without warning.
  • fixed - bug where REC would cancel the selected headphone 'favorite'.
  • fixed - condition where external DVD-RAM drives could intermittently not connect upon unit or drive boot up.
  • fixed - recorder no longer attempts to keep recording to full drives.
  • fixed - polarity reversal with M/S matrix.
  • fixed - iXML corruption issue which could lock recorder while editing.
  • fixed - limiter 'whirring' noise with microphone wind noise.
  • fixed - bug where tone only appeared at outputs 1 and 2.
  • changed - SLOW error now pops screen up which must be cleared.
  • added - headphone monitoring modes LA, RB; LAC, RBD; LACE, RBDF.

1.03 - Posted June 02, 2008

  • fixed - issues with drives going off line while in record or playback
  • fixed - issue with Output Gain setting not being recalled upon power up
  • added - 'Playback Drive Select' selection in "HP: Rotary Push Function"

1.01 - Posted May 21, 2008

  • fix - issue where bad DVD-RAM disk or drive could take CF and HDD off line
  • fix issue with unit locking up with bad media

1.00 - initial release

Please read and follow the steps below carefully. You may want to print them before upgrading firmware.

Sound Devices recommends backing up any existing audio data that may reside on the recorder. While no data on the storage is changed during the update process, it is best practice to backup the unit. In addition, it is highly recommended to save the current device settings since a firmware update can result in settings changing to factory default.

Prepare to Update

  • Have on hand a fully charged battery pack to the recorder, or charge the removable battery fully.
  • Connect the AC power adapter and run the unit from external power.
  • Disconnect any attached peripherals, including CL-8, CL-9, and external drives.
  • To upgrade via CompactFlash card, have on hand a FAT32 formatted CompactFlash card and a card reader to transfer the firmware file from computer to a CompactFlash card. Format the card in the 788T to ensure it is formatted as a FAT32 volume.
  • To upgrade via computer transfer have on hand a FireWire cable for interconnection between computer and 788T.
  • Check the present firmware version of the recorder using the Info:Version selection in the menu. If the version number is below 3.02, apply the file below. If it is at 3.02 or above, no further updating is required.

Download and Extract

  • For Windows and Mac OS computers, click the ZIP archive file below and download it to your computer.
  • In Windows, navigate to the downloaded ZIP archive, right-click it and select "Extract All". A new folder named 788t_3.02 is created. It contains the firmware file 788t_3.02.prg.
  • In Mac OS X, double-click (if necessary) to extract the firmware file. The file is named 788t_3.02.prg.

Copy Firmware File to CompactFlash Card (CF upgrade method)

  • Insert the CompactFlash card into the computer's card reader.
  • Copy the 788t_3.02.prg file to the CompactFlash volume.
  • Make certain that only one copy of the firmware file is present.

Copy Firmware File to 788T Hard Drive (HD upgrade method)

  • Connect the 788T to the computer via FireWire 400/800 or USB. This is the same connection as for a file transfer.
  • Copy the downloaded and extracted firmware file to the internal hard drive of the 788T. Place the file in either the root folder or SOUNDDEV folder of the 788T hard drive.

Update Firmware

  • Insert the CompactFlash card into the 788T (if using CF upgrade method).
  • Disconnect all audio and data connections, including any FireWire or USB connections.
  • With the unit powered up, navigate to Update Software in the Setup Menu. It is the last menu selection.
  • Following the on-screen instructions, the unit will locate the firmware file. Select update.
  • Read the on-screen instructions for updating firmware.
  • The upgrade process may take several minutes.
  • NOTE: the screen may blank while firmware is being written to the EEPROM. This is normal.

If Updating from Revision 1.XX to 2.XX with a CL-9

Because of the various processes on-board, the update procedure must be repeated for the 788T to fully address a CL-9.

Verify Update

  • Check to verify the firmware version of the recorder in user menu Info:Version. It should now read version 3.02 and the 1394 revision should end in a "6".

Verify User Setups

  • Verify the settings of user-selected parameters. The original values may have changed during the update process.

Download User Guide

  • The available user guide references the new features and functionality in the release version of firmware.