Sound Devices Video Archive

Sound Devices Wave Agent 1.20 Overview
Wave Agent is Sound Devices Mac OS and Windows WAV file utility. It offers multi-track playback (up to 32-tracks), metadata editing, and poly/mono split/combine utilities.
Sound Devices 633 Livestream Introduction Complete
View this re-posting of the full live stream of the 633 mixer product launch, including the 633 introduction video. Complete with cheesy opening. ENJOY!
Sound Devices 633 - Inputs and Outputs Overview
Take a closer look at the inputs, outputs, and recording capability of the 633.
Sound Devices 633 Time Code and Metadata
This brief video explores the time code and metadata available on the 633 mixer.
633 Powering Overview
Jesse takes a look at the powering options on the 633 mixer.
Sound Devices 633 Introduction Video
Sound Devices introduces the 633 Compact Production Mixer. It offers six-inputs and 10-tracks of recording to SD and CompactFlash cards.
Installing the Sound Devices Sign
Two minute time lapse of the sign being installed on the Sound Devices building in Reedsburg Wisconsin on November 11, 2013. Shot as stills on a GoPro Hero 3, turned into an image sequence with Quicktime 7, then trimmed in FCP X.
Sound Devices 664 Firmware 2.0 Update
Firmware revision 2.0 expands the input and recording capability of the 664 Field Mixer. It offers 12 inputs and 16 record tracks.
PIX 260i and Yamaha 01V Interconnection and Setup over Dante
An overview plus hands-on tutorial showing interconnection and setup of the Yamaha 01V with the PIX 260i using Audinate's Dante. The Dante audio-over-Ethernet protocol simplifies hardware interconnection among audio devices.
exFat Drive Volumes and the PIX 260i
A quick overview of the change to exFAT volume formatting for the PIX 260i drives.