Sound Devices Video Archive

Sound Devices @ IBC 2015 - KitPlus
KitPlus / TV-Bay interview at IBC 2015 in Amsterdam with Paul Isaacs, Director of Product Management and Design at Sound Devices, LLC. The interview highlights the 688 field production mixer/recorder and two optional accessories: The SL-6 powering and wireless system; and the CL-12 linear fader cont...
Introducing the CL-12
Here's the first video introduction to the CL-12 Linear Fader Controller, an optional accessory that significantly expands the mixing capability of the Sound Devices 6-Series mixer/recorder line. The CL-12 comes in two models: the standard model and the CL-12 Alaia (“ah-LIE-ah”), which features ...
688 / SL-6 Assembly + Receivers
Matt Anderson, CEO of Sound Devices, LCC, provides a brief demo on how to attach the SL-6 powering and wireless system to the 688 mixer/recorder. He also demonstrates how to attach the compatible wireless receivers. Learn more at: Video credit to Drop Frame Productions...
SL-6 Informational Overview
Brief overview of the SL-6 powering and wireless system with Matt Anderson, CEO of Sound Devices, LLC. The optional SL-6 simplifies interconnection between the 688 and multiple channels of wireless by accepting three dual-channel slot-in receivers. The device offers all powering and audio intercon...
Simplifying Interconnection - Sound Devices 688, SL-6 and SuperSlot
Paul Isaacs, Director of Product Management and Design, talks about SL-6 with SuperSlot and how it can be used with Sound Devices' 688 to simplify interconnection for Production Sound Mixers. Visit to learn more!
NAB 2015: Sound Devices 688 Field Mixer
You may have seen my earlier blog on how to put AES audio into your camera using Sound Devices gear. I stopped by the Sound Devices booth at NAB to learn about their new 688 Field Mixer and its SL-6 Super Slot powering and wireless system. This combination makes for a powerful multi-track recording ...
NAB 2015: Sound Devices 688 Field Production Mixer & Recorder
Rob Rives from B&H joins Paul Isaacs from SoundDevices on the floor of NAB 2015 to discuss their new 688 field mixer. Shop at B&H:
688 QuickBoot Demo
Demo of how fast QuickBoot works - from power on to recording.
Sound Devices 688 Introduction
Highlighting the main features of Sound Devices 688 multichannel field mixer with integrated recorder and auto-mixer.