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Deian Humphreys

Deian Humphreys on the Set of Doctor Who
Professional sound recordist, Deian Humphreys, entrusted 788T-SSD and other Sound Devices gear to provide out-of-this-world audio recording capabilities for BBC’s Doctor Who. (more…)

Darryl L. Frank, CAS

Breaking Bad's Darryl Frank in the lab

Emmy award-nominated sound mixer relies on a variety of Sound Devices mixers and recorders to keep viewers hooked on the popular AMC series Breaking Bad.


Watson Wu Studios

Owner of Watson Wu Studios sought portable audio gear built for the harsh rigors of field production. He chose Sound Devices for recent video game projects, Metro Conflict and Assassin's Creed.


Connecting Line Level Signals to the 302 and 442 Mix In

The Mix In connection on the 302 and 442 Field Mixers is an unbalanced stereo TA3 Male input designed to link multiple Sound Devices field mixers. This connection routes signals directly to the Master Output Bus and is designed to interconnect with the Tape Out/Mix Out of Sound Devices MixPre, 302, and 442 mixers. There are no level controls on Mix In signals, so levels must be controlled at the source.