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664 Firmware v4.00

  • New
    • Support for Wingman, an iOS application by Sound Devices, LLC and the hardware accessory, WM-Connect, a Bluetooth® Smart USB dongle.
      • Wingman is a free iOS application available as a download from the Apple® App Store.
      • WM-Connect is an optional hardware accessory that connects to the 688 USB Port via USB B to USB A adapter or directly to CL-12 Keyboard port. The Bluetooth Smart device automatically pairs with mobile devices running iOS v8.0 or later.
    • From the Wingman app, you can:
      • Remotely control Record, Stop, False Take, and Circle commands
      • View Audio Metering, Timecode, Absolute time, Record Status, and more
      • Arm/Disarm Tracks for recording and manage track naming
      • Edit metadata of upcoming, current, and up to 50 previous recorded takes, including: scene, take, notes, track names, etc.
      • Manage, Create, and Email Sound Reports
  • Fixed
    • Intermittent Lock Up when restoring a saved Setup file.
    • Pressing Meters button from Take List > Take Edit screen returns UI to the wrong Meter View.

664 Firmware v3.10

  • New
    • Support for 3rd party wireless control, timecode and metadata management including:
      • Timecode Systems :WAVE and PureBlend’s MovieSlate® iOS app
      • Ambient® Master Lockit.
    • New menu option to disable the CL-12 Output level controls (L, R, X1 and X2). Options for MENU > CL-12 > L-X2 Gain Pots include: Enable or Disable.
    • Take Designator can now be set to any alpha character or ‘-‘ (T is default) in MENU > FILE STORAGE > Take Designator.
  • Changed
      Edit Channel # Name screen. Now when selecting the same PFL, the track name reverts to the previous entry and returns to the Input Settings screen. Selecting another PFL cancels name changes and provides immediate entry to the new channel’s Input Settings screen.
  • Fixed
    • Arming paired LR or X1/X2 tracks using the CL-12 LR, X1/X2 pots did not correctly operate on the pairs.
    • Track Name entries from Input Settings Window would not hold if that track name already existed.
    • Channels turned off from the CL-12 were reverting back to On after a power cycle.

664 Firmware v2.12

  • Fixed
    • Timecode LED doesn’t flash when unit is off even though timecode is being maintained.
    • Timecode backup is not timing out after two hours while powered off. This is causing the timecode battery to fully drain which would result in timecode not holding for 2 hours on the next shut down.
    • Track R and Track X2, when linked to Track L and X1 respectively, are not returning to their attenuated level after Tone is toggled on and off.

Connecting the CL-12 to the 633 or 664

Sound Devices released firmware v2.11, which expanded support of the CL-12 linear fader controller to include the 633 and 664 mixer/recorders. Previously released to integrate with the 688, the CL-12 now supports the entire line of 6-Series mixer/recorders. CL-12 setup for the 633 or 664 differs from the 688. This video walks users through the quick and easy process of connecting a 633 or 664 to a CL-12.

664 Firmware v2.11

  • New
    • Support for the new CL-12 Linear Fader Controller, including:
      • 12 100 mm linear input faders (Penny & Giles option with CL-12 Alaia)
      • L, R, X1, X2 level control, routing, arming, and 22-segment metering inc. limiter activity
      • 1 Com private line circuit
      • Numerous quick-access buttons to key functions inc. metadata, transport, TC, coms/returns, arming, routing, etc.
      • USB ports for keyboard and lamp
      • Three user-programmable buttons
      • A new CL-12 sub-menu
      • And much more…
      • Note: Not included with the CL-12, a micro USB power cord (5V) must be connected to the CL-12 DC Power Boost port in order to operate with the 664.
    • Added QR Codes for smart phone access to online documentation including Approved Media List and User Guide. A QR code reader app is required.
    • New User Bit mode allows jamming of External Timecode User Bits.
  • Fixed
    • In the File List, FAT32 media files would incorrectly display modified time instead of creation time.
    • Previously, there was a date corruption issue with ExFAT formatted media containing more than 200 files.
    • Keyboard sequence involving Shift key would sometimes repeat the same character as if the key was being held down.
    • Lock up when adding notes exceeding the 200 character limit.
    • Scene name shortcut (HP + RTN) editing factory the “None” option option causing “None” to disappear and breaking Scene Increment Mode.
    • When UBits are set to one of the date modes the UU field metadata stamps were following the take number.
    • UBits UU fields are now restored after loading user setup files.
    • Added a recheck of the real time clock to prevent false “System date error detected. Please reset time and date.” messages from appearing at boot up.