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664 Firmware v4.50

Download v4.50


  • Ctrl+T keyboard shortcut to toggle Tone On/Off


  • USB and VBus are now disabled during firmware updates.


  • Track Name Editing from Channel Screen adds new entry rather than edits existing entry.
  • 633 and 688 program files could be loaded onto the 664 and cause the unit not to boot.
  • Long file names on exFAT formatted media are truncated.
  • Factory Option for Scene Name can be overwritten by user if Scene Name is edited during record. This can cause Scene Increment Mode to stop working.

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664 Firmware v4.01

  • Fixed
    • Wingman meter response is sluggish when WM-Connect is connected to the CL-12 Keyboard port.
    • NOTE: Requires updating the Wingman app to v1.01. It is important that, before launching Wingman, the 6-Series mixer is running v4.01 and the Wingman app on the iOS device is updated to v1.01.
    • Fixed in Wingman v1.01:
      • Wingman meter response is sluggish when WM-Connect is connected to the CL-12 Keyboard port.
      • Wingman display and metadata errors with 6-Series after the app has been brought in and out of Standby Mode.
      • iPad Pro 12.9” minor display issue in the Devices Found page.
      • Intermittent issue where Track Arm status shows incorrect state at sample rates 88.2kHz and above.
      • Track arming display inconsistencies.

Products Mentioned

Products Mentioned

664 Firmware v4.00

  • New
    • Support for Wingman, an iOS application by Sound Devices, LLC and the hardware accessory, WM-Connect, a Bluetooth® Smart USB dongle.
      • Wingman is a free iOS application available as a download from the Apple® App Store.
      • WM-Connect is an optional hardware accessory that connects to the 688 USB Port via USB B to USB A adapter or directly to CL-12 Keyboard port. The Bluetooth Smart device automatically pairs with mobile devices running iOS v8.0 or later.
    • From the Wingman app, you can:
      • Remotely control Record, Stop, False Take, and Circle commands
      • View Audio Metering, Timecode, Absolute time, Record Status, and more
      • Arm/Disarm Tracks for recording and manage track naming
      • Edit metadata of upcoming, current, and up to 50 previous recorded takes, including: scene, take, notes, track names, etc.
      • Manage, Create, and Email Sound Reports
  • Fixed
    • Intermittent Lock Up when restoring a saved Setup file.
    • Pressing Meters button from Take List > Take Edit screen returns UI to the wrong Meter View.