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552 or 7-Series Recorder?

The introduction of the 552 mixer brings a powerful new feature to field mixers, a high-quality integrated audio recorder. It is unquestionably convenient to have a built-in recorder with a field mixer. With the addition of its recorder, one question that comes up is whether the 552 can be substituted in place of a 7-Series recorder. The short answer is...yes...and no.


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What Happens if Power is Lost During Recording on a 7-Series Recoder?

Reliable, rock-solid recording is the single most important design criteria of Sound Devices recorders. 7-Series recorders are built upon a highly-stable, dedicated hardware and firmware foundation. Recording integrity is further enhanced through a process of periodic, automatic file directory and header updates written to disk during recording. This ensures file integrity in the unlikely event of a total loss of power.


Saving a Setup File on 7-Series Recorders

7-Series recorders have the ability to save a user-defined Setup File. This Setup File includes all settings selected in the menu and can be saved to the recorder's internal hard drive or to a CompactFlash card.


External to Internal Powering with 7-Series Recorders

7-Series recorders automatically switch from external DC power to the attached Li-ion battery when the external voltage falls below a 9 volt threshold (or the setup-menu set voltage on the 788T). This seamless switchover provides protection against sudden or unexpected loss of external power. (more…)