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702T Firmware v2.65

  • New
    • Firmware revision number shows in boot up splash screen.
    • Ability to mark a take as 'NG' (No Good). Typically used to identify a take as not the one to be used in post, although there may be sections of it which may be useful. Data stored in the iXML chunk.
    • STOP+LAMP shortcut for quick access to Circling or NG'ing the last recorded take.
    • Add ability to change take status of any take from the take list.
    • Addition of iXML (v1.52) parameters including <FALSE_START>, <NO_GOOD>
  • Changed
    • When daily folders are selected, the daily folder is only created when record is first pressed. This prevents empty daily folders being generated if the 7-series is powered up every day but without recording anything. This also applies to the generation of top level and bottom level folders.
    • Drive "Erase" menus renamed to "Erase / Format".
  • Fixed
    • RF hash/noise no longer causes the recorder to incorrectly stop recording in ExtTC/cont - Auto Record mode. It will only stop when stationary TC code is detected.

702T Firmware v2.63

  • New
    • LCD scrolling direction menu enables user to select which direction the rotary encoder scrolls through the menu
  • Changed
    • Enhanced write algorithm to significantly improve real-time multi-track recording to DVD-RAM even while simultaneously recording to 2 media
  • Fixed
    • Drive warning corrupt file bug

702T Firmware v2.61

  • New
    • Periodic, automatic file header saving during recording to preserve WAV file integrity in the event power is lost during recording. Does not apply to FLAC or MP3 recording.
    • Menu option to allow display of gain settings instead of sample rate/gain in the LCD.
    • Latching tone - press and hold tone button >2 secs to latch on.
    • Option to enable tone activation during record. Set in the Tone: Record Lock menu.
    • Menu to prevent start up messages appearing at power up.
    • Default 'tape' metadata if mid-level (daily) folder is set to none (important for EDL based workflows).
  • Changed
    • 10 Hz steps in the tone generator frequency.
    • Scrolling through menu made more intuitive.
    • Remove drive repair function and associated menus.
  • Fixed
    • Condition where keyboard combinations pressed with a connected keyboard (via the CL-1) could freeze the recorder.
    • Condition where Windows Media Players-generated WAV files would not be recognized or playable on the recorder.

702T Firmware v2.54

  • New
    • Added beeps to Rec-Pause Mode, so beeps occur when recording is paused and un-paused.
  • Fixed
    • SPEED and TAKE tags were sometimes not written the BEXT chunk when the recorder was in EXT_TC AUTO or EXT_TC/CONT AUTO. This bug did not affect the iXML tags - they are always correct
    • The REC: Timer Start/Stop function did not function if the recorder was set to record to daily folders and the record start time was after midnight.

702T Firmware v2.48

  • New
    • Record-pause, allows for recording to stop, then commence without generating a new file.
    • Family UID added to iXML metadata
  • Changed
    • "Record pending” notification when a record command has been given and the DSP is not available to begin recording. The recorder now enters stand-by mode and will begin recording immediately once the DSP is available to record. This improves the overall performance and reliability of the CL-1 in particular. “Record Pending” also replaces the “Busy” notification.
    • CompactFlash formatting now adds a partition so that CF cards can be exchanged between all 7-Series Recorders including the 788T.
    • Poly files no longer contain unused tracks. The 7-Series will no longer record zeros to unused tracks.
    • Circled takes are now tagged <CIRCLE>= TRUE in the iXML chunk and @ is added to the BEXT filename.
  • Fixed
    • MP3 time code stamp bug - time code was not getting stamped correctly in the ID3 tag

702T Firmware v2.40

  • Changed
    • Estimate of available drive space when recording FLAC format. Original estimates too optimistic.
  • Fixed
    • MP2 and MP3 file length calculation.
    • Possibility of missed take introduced in 2.34 with CF after rapidly entering record after pressing stop. Unit now says, "Please Wait".
    • Project folder not setting and clearing copy flags in sub-folders. Bug introduced in 2.34.
    • Metadata note data saving. When notes were added and then edited, the edits occasionally did not take affect. Bug introduced in 2.34.
    • Ehen recording FLAC to CF, the recorder had the possibility of producing a file of length 0 seconds.
    • When changing from FLAC format to MP2, the unit had the possibility of locking up.
    • Lockout of transport controls now operating properly.
    • Gain display only shows when gain knobs are turned.