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702T Firmware v2.54

  • New
    • Added beeps to Rec-Pause Mode, so beeps occur when recording is paused and un-paused.
  • Fixed
    • SPEED and TAKE tags were sometimes not written the BEXT chunk when the recorder was in EXT_TC AUTO or EXT_TC/CONT AUTO. This bug did not affect the iXML tags - they are always correct
    • The REC: Timer Start/Stop function did not function if the recorder was set to record to daily folders and the record start time was after midnight.

702T Firmware v2.48

  • New
    • Record-pause, allows for recording to stop, then commence without generating a new file.
    • Family UID added to iXML metadata
  • Changed
    • "Record pending” notification when a record command has been given and the DSP is not available to begin recording. The recorder now enters stand-by mode and will begin recording immediately once the DSP is available to record. This improves the overall performance and reliability of the CL-1 in particular. “Record Pending” also replaces the “Busy” notification.
    • CompactFlash formatting now adds a partition so that CF cards can be exchanged between all 7-Series Recorders including the 788T.
    • Poly files no longer contain unused tracks. The 7-Series will no longer record zeros to unused tracks.
    • Circled takes are now tagged <CIRCLE>= TRUE in the iXML chunk and @ is added to the BEXT filename.
  • Fixed
    • MP3 time code stamp bug - time code was not getting stamped correctly in the ID3 tag

702T Firmware v2.40

  • Changed
    • Estimate of available drive space when recording FLAC format. Original estimates too optimistic.
  • Fixed
    • MP2 and MP3 file length calculation.
    • Possibility of missed take introduced in 2.34 with CF after rapidly entering record after pressing stop. Unit now says, "Please Wait".
    • Project folder not setting and clearing copy flags in sub-folders. Bug introduced in 2.34.
    • Metadata note data saving. When notes were added and then edited, the edits occasionally did not take affect. Bug introduced in 2.34.
    • Ehen recording FLAC to CF, the recorder had the possibility of producing a file of length 0 seconds.
    • When changing from FLAC format to MP2, the unit had the possibility of locking up.
    • Lockout of transport controls now operating properly.
    • Gain display only shows when gain knobs are turned.

702T and 744T Time-of-Day Accuracy

The 702T and 744T recorders excel in applications requiring precise time code synchronization. To achieve precision time code, these units have extremely accurate internal clocks to generate the time code. (more…)

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702T/744T Digital Inputs and Time Code

When using the 702T or 744T AES/EBU digital inputs and the built in time code generator to sync the recorders from a mixer with digital outputs, care must be taken. The 702T and 744T internal time code generator can only run off of its internal high-accuracy crystal - it does not use word clock or AES/EBU to derive time code. (more…)

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702T Firmware v2.34

  • New
    • 47952 and 47952F sampling rates. 47952F mode records at 47952 and stamps files at 48 kHz.
    • MP3-file format recording at numerous data rates
    • MP2 file format recording at numerous data rates
    • FLAC file format recording and playback
    • Input gain to infinite attenuation option (Setup Menu selected)
  • Changed
    • Media speed test improved. Speed testing for all available drives combined into one menu option. All active drives are tested at different sampling rates and routings.
    • Multiple linked units now record with sample-accurate start and stop times, making file management easier in post production
  • Fixed
    • Long CF shutdown time
    • AES3-id digital output one sample offset between left to right.
    • AES3-id bit stream is incorrectly formatted in consumer mode high-pass filter clipping gain accuracy improved, better match between actual gain and displayed gain files can played back when selected from the Setup Menu (bug introduced in 2.15)