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788T Firmware v2.18

  • New
    • Ability to store, name, and load unlimited user setups. Active settings are automatically embedded in every .WAV file and can be loaded from the Take List or Drive Directory.
    • Ability to quickly arm/disarm a track using the switch position on the front panel trim pot while maintaining a fixed trim gain setting. Use the new 'Input Enables Only' option in the 'Input: Front Panel Controls' menu.
    • Output Delay feature for outputs 1 and 2. Delay ranges from 0.0 to 10.0 time code frames.
    • Mix Assist Mode option, On (LR tracks only). Mode allows user to simultaneously create both a mix-assisted mix on LR and a manual mix on any other track set to post-fade. Note: the original MixAssist Mode, 'On' is now called 'On (All tracks follow LR)'. In this mode, all post fade tracks are affected by MixAssist.
  • Changed
    • LCD contrast is not reset by factory defaults. Reset only by initialize function on bootup.
    • Factory default input-to-track routing changed to '2 mix (L,R), 8 Iso (A-H)' with 10 tracks armed.
  • Fixed
    • Error conditions displayed incorrectly.
    • In rare circumstances with MixAssist, unused mics still contribute to NOM calculation, reducing overall gain.
    • With Mix Assist active, channels with fader gains turned completely down (-inf) not being removed from Mix Assist, preventing the last open mic from staying active.
    • Outputs not active after factory reset.

788T Firmware v2.16

  • New
    • Mix Assist - an automix function which turns unused microphones off.
    • Input Linking '5-8' option in menu 18.
    • Option for 48V phantom on mic inputs only to help prevent inadvertent damage to vulnerable line sources. Options are now 48V (mic only), 48VL (line and mic) and Off.
  • Fix
    • Prevented entering certain characters (/, \, <,>, &, %) in Sound Report menu which could cause various issues relating to missing data in Sound Reports and potential lockups.
    • Some rare errors could display incorrect error messages on the LCD.

788T Firmware v2.15

  • New
    • Ability to create CSV sound reports for any existing folder of audio files on any or all recorded media.
    • Ability to customize Sound Report headers in the new File: Sound Report menu.
    • WEP64 pass-phrase security added to the CL-WIFI: Configure menu.
  • Changed
    • Simplified CL-WIFI: Configure menu by changing the IP address field to read-only.

788T Firmware v2.14

  • New
    • Support for the CL-WiFi iOS app for iPhone/iPod Touch, and iPad
    • Support for the CL-WIFI hardware accessory
    • CL-WIFI: Configure menu provides options for setting the SSID and IP address of the CL-WIFI hardware accessory.
    • Output routing matrix allows inputs, tracks or headphone sources to be routed to each of the 788T's six outputs. This menu replaces the Output:Source menus in previous releases.
    • 10 user-configurable headphone monitor presets each with its own flexible headphone routing matrix.
    • Option to disable flashing behavior of blue Track Arm LED's.
    • 48048F / 24 fps timecode setting. Recorded files are sampled at 48048 Hz at 24 fps timecode, 'fake' stamped as 48 kHz and 23.976 fps.
    • Additional input linking choices.
  • Changed
    • FireWire/USB: Connection menu option changed to Connection Mode. CL-WIFI mode added.
    • Removed File:View Files and File:View Take List menus. These menus are accessible via the HDD menu.
    • Modified CL-9 trim encoder acceleration.
  • Fixed
    • Potential kernel exception / lockup in button lock mode when rotary encoders are turned continuously or when buttons are pressed multiple times.
    • The sort order of takes in the take list could be confused by the change in month from Nov to Dec.
    • FAT volume issue that could cause file corruption when duplicate takes are created.
    • In 788T slave mode, the 'Writing to media' message no longer appears after a false take.

788T Linking with Multiple 7-Series Recorders

788T firmware revision 2.10 introduced the ability to link multiple 788T recorders for simultaneous, synchronous recording. It also allows linking the 788T with other Sound Devices 7-Series recorders including the 702, 702T, 722 and 744T. This is ideal for applications requiring higher track counts or synchronized backups. Important considerations for successful multi-unit linking include: