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Fit Controller for eMotion LV1

Made By: Waves.

The FIT control surface gives you intuitive, hands-on, detailed control of the Waves eMotion LV1 live mixer. Co-engineered by Waves Audio and expert MIDI control company MIDIPLUS, the seamless software/hardware integration gives total control over your live mix.

With 16+1 motorized faders, 16+1 rotary controls, dedicated switches for toggling among 8 fader layers in the eMotion LV1 mixer, and multiple convenience features, FIT has it all.

SL Mixface

Made By: Studiologic.

The SL MIXFACE is a complete controller device which combines style and simplicity with a powerful engine. Designed for mobility, you can bring it everywhere and use it in total freedom thanks to its hosting capability and auto-mapping of the main DAW apps.


Made By: Location Sound London.

With this control surface you can access PFL and control Gain and Volume of the channels 1 to 8. You can customise your own control surface by adding features from the drop-down menus. Such features include internal light, space for track labelling, additional USB ports. Click on the button below and you will be redirected to the shopping page.


Made By: IDDQD.

This is a custom firmware version of the TF8 extension controller. Eight high quality, non detent (smooth & silent) trim knobs that can be used as an attachment for Sound Devices CL12, Sonosax LC8+ or any other fader controller that lacks trim pots.
Two banks, ch 1-8 and ch 9-16 (9-12 for 833)

User manual:

  • Plug and power via 8-series USB A through a hub together with other controllers. No setup required.
  • Press encoder for PFL
  • LED will light either red (bank 1) or green (bank 2)
  • Long press any encoder to toggle between banks

Dimensions, weight L x W x H
156 x 24 x 28 (41 mm including knobs) mm
6.14 x 0.94 x 1.1 (1.6 including knobs) inches

USB cable (fixed inside the unit) length 44 cm / 17 inches

Enclosure material: Black carbon fiber PETG

Weight: 124 grams / 0.273 pounds

Trim values are saved through a power cycle for ch 9-16 and overwritten by physical 8 series trim knobs for ch 1-8

8-Series v9.50

Download v9.50


  • Added Channel Name Manager for quick channel naming. In a Channel Screen, hold PFL for > 1sec to enter the naming window, then select Name. 
  • Added Stop Hold Time option in the Record/Play menu. Determines how long Stop must be held before the stop command is actioned in record or playback mode. 
  • Added support for the A20-TX/A20-RX VHF bands via SL-2.
  • Enabled the SL-2’s 169-235 MHz (VHF) filter band option. 
  • Added Superslot support for the Lectrosonics DSR receiver and support for the new AES backplate for the Lectrosonics SRc. 
  • Added Unislot Audio Mode in the SL-2 Options menu. Enables the manual selection of analog or digital audio output from a Unislot slot receiver. This allows for receivers that support digital audio but that are not supported in ‘SuperSlot’ mode. 


  • Added audio muting when running a DSR4 RF scan via the SL-2. 
  • Changed ‘Jam A20-Mini’ wording to ‘Jam A20 Transmitter’ in the Timecode menu. 
  • Removed “Analog Audio Select” menu from the MCR54 ‘Options’ menu on the 8-Series when MCR54 firmware v2.3.0 or later is detected as this is no longer supported by the receiver. 


  • Setting DSR4 Block 470 vs 19 via SL-2 now works correctly. 
  • Eliminated static noise when starting RF Scan on Lectrosonics DSR4. 
  • SL-2 AES 3&4 inputs now pass audio when no slots are filled. 
  • Rare condition where the ‘Problem with SSD during play’ warning would be displayed during playback, no longer occurs.  
  • The audio output selection and compander menu issues that were introduced with MCR54 FW update v2.3.0 are now resolved. 
  • MCR54 group scan issue where the first frequency on the group scan page had a wrong dBuV value of ‘–’ is now fixed. 
  • MS Link routing to Buses LR not restored properly after setting factory defaults. 
  • Incrementing Scene from ‘65535’ no longer resets Scene to ‘00000’. 
  • Output Mute indicator does not show mute status correctly after unlinking. 
  • With MCU Controllers, mapping Next Take Scene Name would incorrectly bring up Current Take Scene Name. 
  • Output AutoMutes could get out of sync when 8-series mute was toggled off then on. 
  • Disappearing Automix LCD indicators no longer happen. 
  • Occasional state where editing Scene Name did not reset the Take Number to 01 is now fixed. 
  • Scene Name changes to recorded takes not being applied is now fixed. 

Soundbag Dashboards

Made By: Soundbag Dashboards.

Soundbag Dashboards can help you create your ultimate production sound bag.  

Just like the dashboard of your vehicle, Soundbag Dashboards place all of the audio gear you depend on, right in your line of sight, ensuring you can quickly and easily monitor your equipment. Soundbag Dashboards are designed to mount to your audio mixer and lay out your wireless receivers right in front of you for easy viewing and access. Some models also feature the ability to mount DC power distribution systems including the Remote Audio RM remote, the Battery Bud and various Audio Root models.

Now with our new Modular Dashboard System, you can choose exactly how you want to build your Soundbag!