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Audio Performance of Canon 5D Mark II Camera

Canon’s 5D Mark II will likely go down in history as the camera which forever changed the definition of a still camera, and of a video camera. The full-frame sensor “5DII” demonstrates that one device can successfully be used as both a superb still camera and as a creative motion picture camera. The 5D II is showing up in applications where 16 mm film and traditional 2/3-inch sensor high-definition video cameras are used, such as talking head interviews, exteriors, landscapes, and the like. Like most video cameras, the 5DII was designed as an imaging device first…and an audio device last. Sound Devices receives numerous inquiries about the audio performance of the 5DII, both in use when recording to its on-board audio circuit and also when used “film-style” with a separate audio recorder. We grabbed our 5DII, updated it to the latest 2.0.4 firmware, and performed tests. This note includes both measured and subjective observations.

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