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Made By: IDDQD.

The unit has two smooth endless rotary encoder knobs with push buttons, that can control multiple channels by switching the channel set. It weighs only 60 grams, measuring 62x27x60 mm (including knob height) mm. The unit needs 12-15 seconds to boot. I try to make products that don’t require a user manual, but anyway:

  • Plug in via USB A
  • Black button toggle trim or volume. Trim = LED flash, Volume = LED solid
  • Double press each encoder to cycle back and forth through channel sets
  • Single press each encoder to activate PFL for corresponding channel

The enclosure is made from PLA. USB plugs in from the right underside


Made By: Simon Jorgensen.

A 6 channel version of my simple trim/volume controller. Smooth stepless encoders. 3D printed and assembled by hand in my basement. Please read the full description and FAQ below before you purchase. Small design changes may occur from batch to batch, improvements only.

Sound Devices 833 (+4): ch 7-12

Sound Devices 888: ch 9-14

Sound Devices Scorpio: ch 13-18


Made By: SoundReal.

GLR6 will be released in aluminium casing and will include full 5 different settings modes to work with Sound Devices 833, 833+4, 888, Scorpio and more.

Features include

  • Control for every channel of your SD 8-series mixer.
  • Mode and channel settings are saved every time you interact with GLR6, so whenever you reboot your mixer you can start where you left off. 
  • Full integration with the Sound Devices 8-series mixers and a fantastic feel for seamless transitions between your mixer of choice and the GLR6.

8-Series v9.31 Firmware

Download Firmware

Note: To ensure best performance, always run the latest version of 8-Series firmware with the latest version of SD-Remote.


  • Audible clicks and noise with some superslot receiver /slot combinations in an SL-2 no longer occur. 

8-Series v9.30 Firmware

Download Firmware

Note: To ensure best performance, always run the latest version of 8-Series firmware with the latest version of SD-Remote.

  • Lectrosonics DSR4 full SuperSlot control via SL-2. Ensure the DSR4 is running v1.09 firmware or higher.
  • Added Mute/Arm Grouping allowing mutes and arms to be independently grouped from trim and fader control. Select in the Channel setup>Channel Grouping menu. 
  • New System>Headphone Volume Lock menu allowing users to lock/unlock the headphone volume control. 
  • Default CL-16 U4 button changed to AutoMixer 
  • To prevent a lockup, the Controllers > Mapping menu now ignores the ‘Fav’/Reset toggle when bringing up the popup list to change the mapped button’s action. 
  • Full SD Cards no longer show as “>99h” remaining in the File List. 
  • The CL-16 Scene Increment Button no longer stays incorrectly illuminated. 
  • The CL-16 Bus Sends on Faders mode middle row encoders now adjust send level for channels 17-32. 
  • All CL-16 Bus Mute Indicators now persist when exiting then re-entering Bus Mode. 
  • BWF files are no longer intermittently being recorded as RF64 files. 

8-Series v9.20 Firmware

Download Firmware

Note: To ensure best performance, always run the latest version of 8-Series firmware with the latest version of SD-Remote.  


  • Added auto-resume file upload capability. Now if the connection to frame.io is lost while a file is uploading, when the connection is automatically re-established, the file will continue to upload from where it left off rather than starting again. This saves time and prevents duplicate file entries in frame.io 
  • Support for 4 channels of digital audio per slot from the Lectrosonics DSR4 to 8-series via SL-2. Note: Superslot control not supported in this firmware release. 
  • Added option to gray out meters for CL-16 disarmed ISO and Bus tracks. 
  • Support for the SL-MixFace controller. 


  • Solo Follows Select On/Off now affects CL-16 as well as 3rd Party MCU controllers. 


  • Output delay is now applied to both A1 and A2 outputs of Scorpio’s 10-pin A Output. 
  • CL-16 menu button no longer stays illuminated after using it in conjunction with pressing knobs for muting channels, buses, and outputs. 
  • Add fixes to support new Waves Fit hardware and firmware v2.03. 
  • Fixed rare issue where slot receivers would not power up in an SL-2. 
  • Channel 1 and 3 labels are now centered on the LR,1-3 horizontal meter screen. 
  • Eliminated a rare lockup that could result from playing back monophonic files. 
  • Occasional loud pops on headphones when powering on or off have been eliminated. 
  • Virtual channel trim and fader values are now saved on power down.