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USBPre 1.5 Stand-Alone Operation

Q: Is it possible to operate a USBPre 1.5 without interfacing or connecting it to a computer (i.e. passing a 16 bit/48 kHz digital signal to a DAT deck via SPDIF)? (more…)

USBPre with SIA Smaart Software

by Pat Brown of Synergetic Audio Concepts, Inc.

The Sound Devices USBPre overcomes many of the shortcomings of internal PC sound cards. Important benefits include balanced inputs, phantom power, analog level controls, meters, bus-powering to eliminate batteries and "wall warts," and of course high-quality audio inputs. (more…)

USBPre Playback Artifacts

Q: I get occasional "clicking" from the USBPre outputs during playback. I downloaded the latest drivers but there was no performance change. Anything I can do?