USBPre Installation in Windows Vista

This tutorial illustrates how to download and install drivers for the USBPre on Windows Vista. Before beginning, make certain to apply the change below in order for the drivers to be loaded by Vista. Vista’s factory default is to install default drivers for any device. With the USBPre this results in Vista installing default audio drivers which will not allow the USBPre to function. To change the driver setting go to Start > Control Panel, right-click on System Properties – select the Hardware tab, then choose Windows Update Driver Settings, then select Ask me each time I connect a new device before checking for drivers. Please note: there is a known incompatibility between Windows Vista and the ASIO drivers included in the USBPre installation package. Using the ASIO drivers is not recommended. Instead, use the Windows USB class drivers by checking “Preferred Installation” in the Setup Type window of the InstallShield Wizard. A revised driver set will be included in a future release. After this setting has been checked, perform the following steps for USBPre driver installation: Navigate your web browser to Once there, click on the link to USBPre Driver Download. From the USBPre Driver Download page, choose the link v2.7.0 under Windows XP, 2000. From the pop-up dialogue box choose Save. By default, the installer package is saved to the Downloads folder in your user directory. Right-click the file called usbpre-2.7.0-asio-2.8.12. Select: Extract All. A dialog box will open. Confirm the destination path and choose: Extract. The files will be unzipped to the Installers Folder under ComputerLocal Disk (C:) InstallersSound DevicesUSBPre. Select the Setup file. Choose Next. After reading the license agreement check the I Accept radio button and choose Next. Enter your User Name and Organization then choose Next. Choose Next. Select Preferred Installation, and choose Next. After making sure the USBPre is disconnected from the computer, choose Install. Once the program has finished installing, plug in a USBPre and select OK. Choose Install this driver software anyway. Choose OK. Then, Continue Anyway. \ The USBPre drivers have now been installed. Select Finish.