664 Firmware (v2.02)

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Auto-Date User Bits

Auto-Date User Bits

Added User Bit modes including support for automatically inserting the date into User Bits.

Customizable Head Phone Preset List

Customizable HP Preset List

This adds the ability to customize how many and which HP presets show in the HP preset List. Ideal for setting up the HP preset list for reduced scrolling and quicker access to presets.

Superfast Scene Name Editing

Super-fast Scene Name Editing

Pressing HP encoder + RTN A during record edits the current take's scene name. Pressing HP encoder + RTN A during stop edits the next take's scene name.

Improved Media Performance

Improved Media Performance

Now supports 16-track monophonic file recording.


See the 664 Approved Media List for further additions.

User Guide

PDF The available 664 user guide references the new features and functionality in the release version of firmware.

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