664 Firmware (v2.03)

664 Firmware Tab Header
New Slate Mic Gain adjustment

External Slate Mic Gain

No more worries about the slate mic being too loud or too soft. Adjust the external slate mic gain via a new shortcut (MIC+HP rotate) from 0 to 36dB in 1dB increments.

New Shortcut to TC jam menu

Shortcuts for Fast Control

New shortcuts are now available to allow quick and easier access to the TC Jam menu (Meters+MIC) and to make gain adjustments to the external slate mic (MIC+HP rotate).

New Timecode Mode - Free Run Jam Once

Timecode Mode

Free Run Jam Once means the 664 automatically jams to an external valid timecode source when first connected, and retains the timecode even when disconnected.

New L-Ident tone

L-Ident tone

When connecting cables to cameras, identifying left from right is easier now that the L-Ident Tone from the 664 is sent out to the X1 output as well as all Left outputs.

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