Field Recording

Durable, transparent-sounding, compact, and clean, Sound Devices mixer-recorders help you capture any sound effects or soundscapes – from muted forest ambiances to roaring race cars.


Designed to withstand the rigors of a professional audio workflow and the harshest of climates, each 8-Series mixer-recorder delivers pristine audio and unprecedented recording power.

The Quietest Rig on Earth

Henrik Oppermann of Sonosphere captures immersive nature sounds with an 888 as part of his “quietest rig on Earth.”

“The Sound Devices 888 is an incredible device. Not just in terms of its pristine mic preamps and its A/D conversion. The ultra-low noise profile makes it ideal to capture fragile ambiences in 3D where you need a lot of channels. Exactly what I need for my spatial recording techniques.”

Read his story.

MixPre II Series

The MixPre II Series is lightweight, compact, and highly portable. Its 32-bit float bit depth offers an astounding 142 dB of dynamic range – perfect for high-dynamic sound effects, such as explosions, gunfire, or cars.

The Speed of Sound

Sound effects recordist Alex Knickerbocker used the 833 and MixPre-10 II to capture the sounds of the world’s fastest production vehicle.

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