Premium Portable Mixer-Recorder


  • 16 ultra low-noise, Scorpio microphone preamplifiers
  • 32 channels, 12 buses, 36 tracks
  • 32 channels of Dante I/O
  • 256 GB internal SSD, 2 SD card slots
  • USB control surface support via MCU

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Scorpio is a 32 channel, 36 track mixer-recorder and the most powerful product ever designed by Sound Devices. With 16 mic/line preamplifiers, 32 channels of Dante in and out, AES in and out, 12 analog outputs and multiple headphone outputs, Scorpio is well-suited for any production scenario. A fully-customizable routing matrix enables sound professionals to send any input to any channel, bus, or output. Up to 12 buses may be individually mixed. Due to its compact form factor, the Scorpio is equally at home over-the-shoulder or in a mobile rig.

Scorpio incorporates Sound Devices’ most cutting-edge technology. An ultra-powerful engine comprised of three FPGA circuits and six ARM processors deliver the horsepower needed for the most complex tasks. FPGA-based audio processing with 64-bit data paths ensures the highest sound quality and reliability. The Scorpio also features Sound Devices’ latest and best in analog microphone preamplifier design. These preamps have the smoothest sound and lowest noise of any preamp in the company’s 20-year history and include built-in analog limiters, high pass filters, delay, 3-band EQ and phantom power.

The Scorpio has an internal 256GB SSD and can simultaneously record to two SD cards for redundancy. For additional flexibility, sound professionals can send different files to their choice of media. The companion SD-Remote Android application allows for control of the Scorpio via a large display.

Great attention to detail has been paid to every aspect of the Scorpio’s design. Most common menus are accessible with only one or two button presses, and many menu shortcuts can be achieved with only one hand. Scorpio features a built-in dual L-Mount battery charger and may be powered with L-Mount batteries or via the TA4 DC inputs using smart batteries, NP-1 batteries, or in-line power supplies. The ultra-accurate, fully-featured timecode generator contains its own battery to hold timecode for up to four hours after power off.


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Analog Inputs
Processing Engine
Audio Over Ethernet
High-Pass Filters
Maximum Gain
Timecode and Sync
Remote Control
Dimensions (H x W x D)


Latest Firmware: Scorpio Firmware v1.20


  • Support for Sound Devices SL-6 Powering and Wireless System, connected via SL-Riser. The following SuperSlot receivers are supported:
    • Audio Ltd A10-RX
    • Lectrosonics SRb, SRc, SRc-941
    • Wisycom MCR42
  • Folder or File Copy from one media to another.
  • SD-Remote Take List support.
  • Headphone clip indication via the Menu button. The button turns red when headphone circuit is clipping. 
  • Front panel shortcut for selecting the Playback Drive. HP + Play toggles Playback Drive. 
  • Extended battery charging options: Always, When Power Off, When Power On, Disabled. Note: Battery charging not available when SL-6 is on. Batteries can be charged when DC is applied only via the Scorpio.
  • Channel Group enable/disable function.
  • Delete files and folders from File List.
  • Virtual QWERTY keyboard “@” symbol useful for filling in email addresses in Sound Reports Info. 
  • Added support for up to four AES42 signals: two via XLR 1 and two via XLR 6. Particularly useful for users of the Schoeps SuperCMIT digital shotgun mic.
  • Timecode Calibration function in Menu > System. Enables tuning to an external timecode source for zero drift timecode.
  • Sticky Notes feature: when enabled, notes persist to subsequent takes.
  • Alternative shortcut options on Icon Platform M+ to prevent accidental arming of tracks. Access new menu at Menu > Controllers Menu > Icon Arming, with options Arm Button Only (default) or Shift + Arm Button. 
  • Option for the Icon D2 to show or hide fader gains while fader is adjusted. Access new menu at Menu > Controller Menu > Display Ch > Fader Gains, with options On (default) or Off. 
  • Display of Next Take name on Icon D2 when pressing and holding Stop in standby mode.
  • Icon Platform M+ jog wheel can now control scrub and shuttle functionality during playback. Press right zoom button to set jog wheel to HP encoder emulation, then press and hold jog wheel for >0.5s.
  • Additional front panel shortcuts:
    Menu Favorites: Hold Menu and PFL 1-12 to access Menu Favorites 1-12.
    Assign Menu favorites in Menu > System > Menu + PFL Switch Action. Meter Range: Hold Meter, then rotate HP encoder to change displayed meter range to 50 dB, 40 dB, or 20 dB.
    SL-6 Receiver Overview Screen: Hold Meter, then press HP encoder to access the SL-6 Receiver Overview screen.
  • The Icon Platform M+ Com 1 and Com 2 buttons will remain illuminated while active. 


  • Arming a track during record now adds an alpha character suffix to the file name rather than incrementing the take number.
  • Menu > System > Version Info now includes unit serial number. 
  • Icon D2 now displays Scorpio Off when the Scorpio is powered down while connected to the Icon Platform M+ and D2.
  • USB-A now provides up to 1.5 A current if the connected device allows. This helps to reduce the likelihood of connected tablets discharging while connected to Scorpio.
  • Record is now prevented when Scorpio is in the process of locking to an external sync source. 
  • Sync reference source is now used as clock source during playback.
  • Takes 1-9 now use a two digit format. For example, T01.WAV - T09.WAV. 
  • Tape metadata field is now populated with record folder name. Set record folder type to Custom to add custom tape metadata.
  • Metadata entered from Channel Screens, the Scene Increment shortcut, or from SD-Remote now edits the most recent entry rather than creating a new entry. 
  • Warning popup now appears when the limit of entries in a list has been exceeded.


  • Rare occurrence of stuck limiter indication has been resolved.
  • Take numbers now properly reset following a folder change (including daily folders).
  • Intermittent 24 hour timecode issue where the value was improperly generated from the time of day clock after playback has been eliminated. 
  • Channel screen navigation when using USB Keyboard up and down arrows is no longer reversed.
  • Various performance improvements.

Known Issues

(to be addressed in an upcoming firmware release)

  • Audio Ltd A10-RX: RF scan graphical display is drawn with missing pixels. 
  • Wisycom MCR-42: Group Scan option on RX screen instigates a normal scan rather than a group scan. Normal RF scanning works correctly.

Scorpio Block Diagram


Icon M+ Scorpio v2.09 Firmware