Legacy Approved Media – 8-Series

Sound Devices extensively tests removable recording media with the 8-Series portable mixer-recorders.

SD Cards

Sound Devices recommends its own brand of SD card – the SAM-64SD and SAM-128SD, listed below – which have been optimized and extensively tested to ensure fast and flawless performance with the 8-Series. However, many SD, SDHC, and SDXC cards from other reputable manufacturers, like Delkin or SanDisk, that meet or exceed class 10 speeds are acceptable.

For best media performance, Sound Devices recommends occasionally performing a full reformat of an SD card per the “Overwrite Format” method from the SD Association. The Overwrite Format deletes file/directory entries by initializing file system parameters of the card (same as with Quick Format), and erases all data by overwriting the user data area completely. The Overwrite Format takes more time to complete than the Quick Format method. More information can be found on the SD Association’s website. Please note that all files stored on the card will be lost during the formatting process. After using the SD Memory Card Formatter, the card will still need to be formatted in the mixer-recorder.

MicroSD to SD Card adapters are not recommended for use in any 8-Series mixer-recorder.

Tested cards:

64 GBSound DevicesSD/SDXC, UHS-II, 240 MB/s (read) and 100 MB/s (write)
128 GBSound DevicesSD/SDXC, UHS-II, 240 MB/s (read) and 100 MB/s (write)
32 GBSanDisk Extreme ProSD/SDHC, UHS-I, 95MB/s read/write
32 GBAmplimAmplim SDXC UHSII V90 32GB
64 GBLexarProfessional 633x 95 MB/s V30
64 GBSanDiskExtreme; SDXC/UHS-1,V30, U3, 150MB/s (Model # SDSDXV6-064G-GNCIN)
64 GBIntegral Ultima ProIntegral Ultima Pro SDXC I V30 64GB
64 GBAmplimAmplim SDXC UHSII V90 64GB
128 GBFreetailFreetail Evoke Pro 128GB V60, UHS II
128 GBWiseWise SDXC II 285MB/s 128GB
256 GBSanDiskExtreme PLUS, SDXC, 150 MB/s, UHS-I, V30
256 GBSanDiskExtreme, SDXC, 150 MB/s, UHS-I, V30


These SD cards have been tested by Sound Devices but have been discontinued by the manufacturer.

32 GBSound DevicesThe SAM-32SD has been discontinued. Recommended alternative: SAM-64SD.

Unapproved Media

The media listed below currently fail our intensive media approval tests. We highly recommend NOT using this media.

64 GBSanDiskExtreme PRO 170MB/s, 64 GB
128 GBSanDiskExtreme PRO 170MB/s, 128 GB

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