Brand Ambassadors

Meet our brand ambassadors! 

The best way to see how our products perform in the field is to see how other sound professionals use them day to day. That’s why we partner with some of our customers who are using our gear in unique ways and sharing their experience on social media. Meet our brand ambassadors below, and be sure to follow them!  

How we select our brand ambassadors 

Some of the criteria we look for when choosing someone to be a brand ambassador includes: currently working in the professional sound industry, a Sound Devices fan, actively posting to social media multiple times per week, tagging Sound Devices in posts, having more than 2,000 followers and steadily gaining more, and having high-quality photo/video gear and experience with social brand promotion. We don’t take inquiries or solicitations for brand ambassadors but seek them out ourselves when we have openings in our program.  

Anna Khromova 

Anna Khromova is an enthusiastic and creative professional Production Sound Mixer and Sound Instructor based in New York. She holds an M.S. degree in Engineering, as well as a diploma in Documentary Filmmaking from the New York Film Academy. 

Anna works emphatically on every project to create a robust understanding of her clients’ needs, as well as the opportunities and challenges of each shooting environment. Whether feature films, TV series, short narrative films, or small independent documentary projects, her expertise stands out, as does her dedication to building effective working relationships with the cast and crew. 

In between films she dedicates her time to teaching Sound to newer generations of Narrative and Documentary Filmmakers at the New York Film Academy. 

Kyle Hupman

Since his graduation from Point Park University in 2013, Kyle YJ Hupman has swiftly risen through the ranks of the Sound Department, establishing himself as a top tier Production Sound Mixer, based in Pittsburgh, PA. With an expansive portfolio that covers roles as a Mixer, Boom Operator, and Utility, Kyle’s experience has yielded a top-notch arsenal of solutions for the challenges associated with on-set sound recording. 

From indie films and corporate interviews, to high-profile national commercials, feature films, and TV shows, Kyle’s sonic footprint can be heard across a myriad of projects. Major platforms and brands, such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Meta, and Rosetta Stone, have entrusted their auditory needs to Kyle and his vast array of recording equipment. 

Always on the cusp of innovation, Kyle YJ Hupman’s passion ensures that every project he undertakes is not just heard, but truly experienced. Ready and equipped, he’s poised to elevate each venture to auditory excellence. 

La’Ron Cooper

La’Ron went straight to college after high school to pursue Digital Filming Video Production in 2014. Little did he know that working with his Dad to help set up speakers and DJ mixers would later lead him down the path of doing location sound mixing in college. “That exposure working with my Dad really helped me understand a lot more about mixing on location.”

La’Ron has experience working within several project categories, whether it’s a doc series, feature film or in a commercial, as a Mixer, Boom Operator, or Sound Utility. He also enjoys sharing his insights through diverse platforms to educate other individuals about getting the best audio on set. The expert knowledge and skill that La’Ron exhibits have led to him to receiving a Tribeca Award, Sundance Award, and a National Emmy.