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Sound Devices Service Information

  • The Sound Devices Service department provides warranty and non-warranty service for all products that we’ve ever manufactured.
  • Warranty service is free.
  • Non-warranty service includes a new, full 1-year warranty, regardless of the age of the product.
    • The non-warranty service is covered by a standard flat-rate service fee that is based on the product.
    • Initial inspection and service estimate are free – the customer is not charged until they approve an estimate.
  • An extensive inventory of replacement parts is available for all products.
  • Replacement parts can be purchased by submitting a parts request at

Standard Flat-Rate Service Rates

$245 / £245 $345 / £345 $445 / £445 $795 / £795
HX-3 A10-Rack (Audio Ltd) 8-Series 302 MixPre (Original)
MixPre-3/6 A10-TX/RX (Audio Ltd) CL-6/8/9/12 442 MixPre-D
MM-1 A20-Mini CL-16 552 MP-2
MP-1 A20-TX A20-Nexus 6-Series Pix-220/240
USBPre2 MixPre-10 A20-Nexus Go 7-Series Pix-250i/260i/270i
SL-2 PIX-LR 970 Pix-E5/E7
SL-6 MD-4 USBPre (Original)

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Service Centers and Warranties

US Service Center

Sound Devices, LLC
P.O. Box 576
E7556 State Rd. 23 and 33
Reedsburg, WI 53959

Telephone US: 800-505-0625
Telephone Intl: +1-608-524-0625
Email: [email protected]

UK Service Center

Audio Ltd
7 Century Court, Tolpits Lane, Watford,
WD18 9RS, UK

Telephone: +44 (0)1494 511711

Product Warranties
2 Year Warranty

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    A question we often hear in Technical Support goes something like this, “I’ve cranked up the gain of my [pick a Sound Devices product] microphone input and it sounds noisy. What gives?” The short answer is, “that is a meaningless ‘measurement’”. The long answer is far more interesting for those who want a better understanding of microphone preamplifiers. Performing a valid, meaningful measurement of microphone preamplifier input noise requires more than “cranking open” an input and listening in headphones.

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    The MixPre-3 II and MixPre-6 II have been designed to provide flexibility in powering. Here are some recommended powering options: To fully power the MixPre-3 II or MixPre-6 II from a USB power source not listed above, you will need BOTH of the following: If either of these conditions are not met, the MixPre recorder […]

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    Sound Devices products are typically used for location recording of film, television, and broadcast audio.

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  • Replacing the Internal Drive in the 788T

    The internal drive of the 788T and 788T-SSD can be removed and replaced if the drive is damaged, a different capacity drive is required, or if upgrading to a Solid State Drive (SSD). In typical service conditions Sound Devices recommends hard drive replacement once every three years.

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  • 788T Time-of-Day Battery Replacement

    Detailed instructions on how to replace the Time-of-day battery for the 788T.

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