MixPre-3 II & MixPre-6 II Powering Options

The MixPre-3 II and MixPre-6 II have been designed to provide flexibility in powering. Here are some recommended powering options:

To fully power the MixPre-3 II or MixPre-6 II from a USB power source not listed above, you will need BOTH of the following:

  1. USB-C power source that is compliant with the USB powering specification and is able to output 7.5W
  2. USB-C cable that incorporates the correct pull-up resistors to identify itself as able to provide 7.5W

If either of these conditions are not met, the MixPre recorder will operate in low power mode: maximum 2x 48v phantom channels, no HDMI, no USB-A. You can still use all of the MixPre’s channels, but only a maximum of 2 can be phantom powered.

NOTE: A USB-A power source used in conjunction with a USB-A to USB-C cable cannot deliver the required 7.5W for full power operation.

Due to the complex nature of the USB-C specifications for powering requirements, Sound Devices cannot make recommendations for USB-C power supplies, batteries or cabling other than our purpose-designed accessories. We have no control over other manufacturer’s products and their (non-)compliance with the published USB-C specifications.

These powering options also apply to the legacy MixPre-3 and MixPre-6.

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