PIX 260i Firmware (v1.50)

PIX 260i Firmware Tab Header
Frame synchronized transport controls

Frame Synchronized

Frame synchronized transport control between multiple grouped PIX 260i's; Record, Play, Stop, Pause, Jog (frame by frame), Shuttle, Fast Forward, Rewind.

Advanced Metadata Editing

Advanced Metadata Editing

Edit scene, take, notes, track names and circle metadata for next take, current take and previous takes even whilst recording. All edits ripple across all drives being recorded to.

Support for Source Identification (SID)

Support for SID

Support for Source Identification (SID) metadata to enable large scale productions to identify source video streams.

Additional Audio Screen

Additional Audio Screen

Additional Audio Screen: includes metering, file name, scene/take, time code, ABS time, track names, sample rate, bit depth and drive remaining time.

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