Sound Devices Video Tiptorials

Tiptorial: Installing the Ambisonics Plugin for the MixPre-6 and -10T
Download the Ambisonics Plugin for free at
Tiptorial: Using Mic2Wav Conversion
Get Mic2Wav, the companion app for the A10 System, at
Tiptorial: A10 User Groups
Go to to download v2.50 and get the User Group feature for your Audio Limited A10 System.
Tiptorial: Interfacing your MixPre Series with macOS
This Tiptorial video provides you with step by step instructions on how to set your MixPre device as a USB Audio Recording Interface on a macOS. Doing so will ensure you can easily use your MixPre with any preferred DAW and/or NLE.
MixPre M-Series Tiptorial - Undo/Redo Song Takes with the History Feature
*Best with Headphones* The Sound Devices MixPre M-Series recorders/USB interfaces are designed to allow musicians to create and record music without getting caught up in the tech. In this video, Gabe demos the intuitive History feature, which makes it easy to “undo” to an earlier recording or ...