Small in size.
Big on features.


The A20-Mini digital wireless transmitter combines legendary British audio quality with the best of American design. The sleek, rounded form fits perfectly into body contours and underneath tight clothing.

…and control.
Control the A20-Mini from your phone or tablet via Bluetooth 5.2 with companion app A20-Remote. The A20-Mini’s high-efficiency internal 2.4 GHz antenna ensures excellent Bluetooth range.

group controls.

Use A20-Remote to create custom groups with selected transmitters or use the automatically-created all-transmitter group. Power up and down, start and stop recording, and change RF Power, Mode, Modulation, Mute Mic, Format Media, and LED settings on multiple A20-Minis at once.

Longest range.
The A10/A20 Wireless System’s 100% digital long-range modulation delivers the longest transmission distance of any system on the market.¹
With the Mini’s GainForward Architecture, easily set the transmitter’s gain, low-cut, and limiter directly on your 8-Series.2

32-bit float recording.

The A20-Mini records in 32-bit float for an astounding >130 dB of dynamic range. This allows for audio gain decisions to be made after recording, with zero loss in headroom or noise performance.3

Built-in 64 GB media.

No more SD card management – the ample-sized media stores more than 80 hours of continuous, uncompressed 48 kHz, 32-bit float recording. Simply offload the recorded WAV files via the high-speed USB-C port to a computer.

Never lose time.

The Mini’s ultra-accurate 0.2 ppm internal timecode generator can be jammed via USB-C with negligible drift over a 24-hour period.

Flexible, worldwide operation.
With a built-in 470 MHz to 694 MHz UHF tuning range, your Mini can go wherever work takes you.

Power away.

3 AAA batteries or a rechargeable Sony NP-BX1 give you the ultimate in powering flexibility. You can even recharge the NP-BX1 via the Mini’s USB-C.


With its extensive gasketing and waterproof connectors, the A20-Mini can easily withstand water and sweat.


Optional accessory provides easy battery charging, file transfer, and timecode jamming of up to eight A20-Minis at a time. Powered via DC (TA4) or USB-C (USB-PD).

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  1. When comparing systems with same transmit power, same antennas, and same transmission frequency.
  2. For a full explanation of the A20-Mini’s GainForward Architecture, read this article.
  3. A detailed article on the benefits and architecture behind 32-bit float is available here.