Replacing the Internal Drive in the 788T

The internal drive of the 788T and 788T-SSD can be removed and replaced if the drive is damaged, a different capacity drive is required, or if upgrading to a Solid State Drive (SSD). In typical service conditions Sound Devices recommends hard drive replacement once every three years.

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Track-to-Media Assignments Introduced in 788T Firmware 1.71

Firmware revision 1.71 for the 788T/788T-SSD recorders introduces powerful new control over the selection of recording tracks sent to recording media. Any recording track, from the 12 available, can be recorded to any recording media (CompactFlash, internal drive, or external FireWire drive). This means that each of the available recording media can be recorded with […]

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788T and 788T-SSD Power Consumption Comparison

There are many advantages to recording to solid-state hard drives (SSD), including improved mechanical robustness, faster transfer speeds, and silent operation. Additionally, the 788T-SSD has 96 GB of additional on-board of storage space versus the 788T. Regarding power consumption, the power consumption (and therefore run time) between the spinning hard drive in the hard drive-equipped […]

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What Happens if Power is Lost During Recording on a 7-Series Recoder?

Reliable, rock-solid recording is the single most important design criteria of Sound Devices recorders. 7-Series recorders are built upon a highly-stable, dedicated hardware and firmware foundation. Recording integrity is further enhanced through a process of periodic, automatic file directory and header updates written to disk during recording. This ensures file integrity in the unlikely event […]

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High Sampling Rate Recording with the 788T

788T firmware version 1.65 introduces the ability to record multiple tracks at 88.2 and 96 kHz sampling rates. These rates are typically used in ultra high fidelity recording applications, such as classical music recording, test & measurement applications, or sound FX recording. There are several things to consider when using a 788T to record at […]

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Linking Multiple 788T Recorders for Simultaneous Recording

When 8 inputs and 12 tracks aren’t enough, multiple 788T recorders can be connected for multi-unit recording. The note below describes the process of linking three 788T recorders together for a total of 24 inputs and 36 tracks.

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