32-Bit Float Audio Recorder with Timecode

Mind your shot, not your levels.

Sometimes audio levels are unpredictable on set. With the MixPre II’s 32-bit float recording, you can recover quiet audio or loud, distorted audio in post with no loss in audio quality - just like RAW video. Set your gain, focus on the shot, and edit your audio to perfection later.

Syncing audio and video is easy.

Syncing audio and video in post is easy when timecode is perfectly locked between your camera and MixPre II. Trigger audio recordings from your camera via HDMI, or send timecode to your camera via stereo out or BNC.

Get the most out of your microphones.

Sound Devices’ audio recorders have been used on your favorite movies - now use them to power your microphones. With ultra-low-noise Kashmir microphone preamplifiers, you can rest assured that your audio will be pristine.

Which MixPre II is right for you?

Pick the number of microphone inputs you need, and you’re ready to record. All MixPre II models have 32-bit float recording, timecode capabilities, and Sound Devices’ renowned Kashmir preamplifiers.

MixPre-3 II

Pocket-Sized Portability
3 microphone preamps

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MixPre-6 II

Anytime, Anywhere Audio
4 microphone preamps

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MixPre-10 II

Complex Productions, Simplified
8 microphone preamps + BNC timecode

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