Five-Channel Portable Production Mixer with Built-In Recorder


Key Features

  • Five high-performance mic/line inputs with limiters
  • Direct outputs per input, pre/post and mic/line selectable
  • Ultra-light and strong metalized-carbon-fiber top and bottom chassis panels
  • Integrated two-track 16- or 24-bit audio recorder to SD/SDHC cards, Wave or MP3
  • 44.1, 48, 48.048, 88.2, and 96 kHz sampling rate
  • Four-track AES3 digital output running at same SR as recorder
  • Front-panel control of mic/line input & phantom status with LED indication at each input
  • Sweepable high-pass filter with silent engagement
  • 92 dB of gain (maximum) from input to analog output
  • Sunlight-viewable, 21 segment Peak/VU meters with zoom mode
  • Stereo linking of inputs 1 & 2 and 3 & 4
  • Two return audio inputs for two-camera confidence monitoring
  • Extensive headphone monitoring including input solos, record source, and return audio
  • Powered by four AA batteries or external 10-18 VDC

Field mixer with five transformer-balanced mic/line inputs with phantom, high-pass, and limiters. Multiple outputs include XLR mic/line master outs, direct out, and two AES/EBU outs (four-channels). Built-in two-channel recorder (SD/SDHC card). Battery (4-AA) or external DC powered.

552 Five-Channel Portable Production Mixer with Built-In Recorder

The Sound Devices 552 Production Mixer uses top analog and digital technologies, along with advanced mechanical construction, to give professionals a superb sounding, compact, lightweight and power-efficient mixer that is equally at home in simple run-and-gun applications or in complex multi-input, multi-output production setups.

Portable Studio Quality

The 552 contains five precision, high-dynamic-range, transformer-balanced microphone inputs with expanded gain and headroom. The studio-grade inputs have their own limiter, sweepable high-pass filter, and pre-or-post-fade direct output.

Multiple Recording Sources

The 552 integrated digital audio recorder writes industry-standard Broadcast Wave files to SD and SDHC cards. The recorder is ideal for applications where a high-quality, 24-bit local recording is required. Either the outputs or combinations of inputs and outputs can be assigned as record sources.

Rugged Durability

The 552, like all Sound Devices products, is built to withstand the physical and environmental extremes of field production. Top and bottom chassis panels are made from molded, metallized carbon fiber for superior durability and weight reduction. The front panel is gasketed for water resistance.

Note: Power supply not included; The XL-WPH3 power accessory, and all AA or XL-B2 and XL-B3 L-mount batteries are sold separately.

2 Year Warranty

One-year standard warranty turns into two-years upon registration.
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What’s in the box:

  • 552 Field Mixer with Integrated Recorder
  • Front Panel Shortcuts card
  • Setup Menu Chart card
  • 4 Adhesive rubber “bumpers”
  • 6 Color dots


Click on each group to expand. Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

Analog Inputs
  • Frequency Response
    • 10 Hz – 50 kHz, +/-0.5 dB
  • THD + Noise
    • 0.09% max (50 Hz – 20 kHz, +18 dBu at line out, fader fully up)
  • Equivalent Input Noise
    • -126 dBu (-128 dBV) maximum. (22 Hz – 22 kHz bandwidth, flat filter, trim control fully up)
  • Maximum Input Level
  • Maximum Gain
  • Input Type

Analog Outputs
  • Output Impedance (ohms actual):
  • Line Output Clipping Level: (1% THD)
    • 20 dBu minimum with 10k load
  • Maximum Output Level
  • Output Limiters
    • Affects the outputs of the mixer
  • Threshold selectable from +4 dBu to +20 dBu, 1 dB steps, 20:1 limiting ratio, 1 mS attack time, 
  • 500 mS release time.

AES3 Output
  • Balanced AES Out A,B on XLR connectors, 110 ohm, 2 V p-p, AES and S/PDIF compatible with RCA adaptor

  • Recording Media Type
    • Secure Digital High Capacity (SDHC), Secure Digital (SD) FAT32 formatted, will format media on-board
  • Recording File Type
  • Sampling Frequency
    • 44.1 kHz, 48 kHz, 88.2 kHz, 96 kHz
  • A/D
    • 24 bit, 96 kHz maximum sampling rate
  • A/D Dynamic Range
    • 103 dB, A-weighted bandwidth typical

Time Code
  • Reads external timecode received and stamps BEXT/iXML header for WAV, stamps ID3 tag for MP3 Time Code

  • internal ±16 V (bi-polar) regulated audio rails, 3.2-8 V range internal batteries, isolated (floating) external DC input jack, 5-18 V Locking 4-pin Hirose connector, pin-4 = (+), pin-1 = (-),

  • operating: –20°C to 60°C, 0 to 90% relative humidity; (non-condensing), storage: –40°C to 85°C

  • 42 segment, sunlight-viewable, selectable Peak, VU, or Peak + VU ballistics

  • 2.0 kg, (4 lbs 6 oz.) unpackaged without four alkaline AA batteries

  • 53 mm x 279 mm x 168 mm (H x W x D), 2.1” x 11 x 6.6″


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Latest Firmware: 552 Firmware v1.4
Released: November 03, 2011
  • New
    • Save and load user settings to internal memory
  • Fixed
    • Improved transport control preventing semi-lockup conditions with some SD cards.
  • Known Issues
    • SD cards 64 GB and larger are not supported.
    • Intermittent issue with feeding AES/EBU from the 552 to some Sony cameras (e.g. F5, F55) where the camera will occasionally report "Input AES/EBU is not Pro Use".Workaround: Reboot the 552 or toggle the 552 sample rate from 48kHz to 96kHz and back again.


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