Portable timecode-enabled audio recorder, two-channel analog and AES digital I/O, CompactFlash card recording.


Portable time code-enabled audio recorder, two-channel analog and AES digital I/O, CompactFlash card recording. Includes 2000 mAh Li-ion battery, AC power adapter, and XL-1394 power conditioner.

The 702T: Portable, Two-Track Audio Recorder with Timecode

The 702T two-track digital audio recorder is designed for portable production applications. This compact device is known for its pleasant-sounding, low-noise microphone preamplifiers, the accuracy of its onboard Ambient time code generator, and the ability to record to convenient, removable Compact Flash cards and external FireWire drives.

Recording Reliability with Timecode Accuracy

The two-track 702T on-board timecode reader and generator allow for great flexibility in timecode-based workflows. With the diverse timecode setups encountered in production, the 702T can accommodate all of them: rec run, free run, with/without smart slate, or multiple camera with “lockits. ”

Files captured on this recorder are available for immediate import to broadcast WAV-aware editing applications, such as Avid and Final Cut Pro.

2 Year Warranty

One-year standard warranty turns into two-years upon registration.Click Here for more information.

What’s in the box:


702T Digital Audio Recorder


XL-B1 Removable Lithium Ion Battery


XL-1394 FireWire Power Conditioner


CS-MAN Carry Case


Universal In-Line Power Supply (AC;100-240 VAC input, 12 VDC/45 watt output)


Adhesive rubber “bumpers”


C. Link Cable for Multi-Unit Linking


XL-14 Headphone Extension Cable (3.5 mm to 1⁄4 inch)


Product registration card


Front Panel Button Shortcuts Reference Card


Packing List (this document)


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One-year standard warranty turns into two-years upon registration.
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Latest Firmware: 702T Firmware v2.67
  • Fixed
    • Low level File system improvements.
    • DC offset removed when HPF is enabled for high sample rate recordings.
  • Known issues
    • If a single storage medium (i.e. CompactFlash card) is selected/available for recording and it is unintentionally removed the unit will briefly show that the volume has been taken off-line, but the display will still indicate recording and the record LED will remain illuminated for up to 30 seconds or until STOP is pressed.
    • When initiating a repair on an unformatted volume (not likely…but), the unit will begin the process and lock up, requiring a hard shut down.
    • FireWire storage volumes with a PL3507 FireWire chipset and hard drive fail the speed test. Threre is a problem reading from these external drives. There are no problems writing to drives of this type.
    • These known issues will be addressed in future revisions of firmware.
    • Cue Markers are deleted if file is automatically split.


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