The 702T was a portable, time code-enabled, two-track, file-based digital audio recorder.


Latest Firmware: 702T Firmware v2.67
Released: November 09, 2011
  • Fixed
    • Low level File system improvements.
    • DC offset removed when HPF is enabled for high sample rate recordings.
  • Known issues
    • If a single storage medium (i.e. CompactFlash card) is selected/available for recording and it is unintentionally removed the unit will briefly show that the volume has been taken off-line, but the display will still indicate recording and the record LED will remain illuminated for up to 30 seconds or until STOP is pressed.
    • When initiating a repair on an unformatted volume (not likely…but), the unit will begin the process and lock up, requiring a hard shut down.
    • FireWire storage volumes with a PL3507 FireWire chipset and hard drive fail the speed test. Threre is a problem reading from these external drives. There are no problems writing to drives of this type.
    • These known issues will be addressed in future revisions of firmware.
    • Cue Markers are deleted if file is automatically split.