Eight input, 12-track portable audio recorder with timecode.


Eight input, 12-track portable audio recorder with timecode. Eight analog mic/line or digital inputs. 240 GB internal SSD drive and CompactFlash card recording. External FireWire 400/800, and USB 2.0 support. Includes 4600 mAh Li-ion battery, AC power adapter.

The 788T-SSD: Portable, Eight Input, Twelve-Track Recorder with Timecode

The 788T-SSD is the right choice for demanding production sound applications. With its eight inputs, it is perfect for high track count applications ranging from over-the-shoulder reality-style production to cart-based drama production.

Inputs and Outputs

The 788T-SSD features eight high bandwidth, ultra-low noise microphone preamplifiers. Inputs feature input limiters, input delay, and selectable high-pass filters. It also accept analog line level or AES digital signals. Six analog and six digital outputs are available on multiple connector types, including TA3, multi-pin, and 3.5 mm.

Routing and Tracks

Any input can be routed to any of 12 recording tracks. This offers iso recording of inputs plus recording a two-channel mix and two aux tracks. Any record track can be assigned to each of the three recording media. This allows, for instance, a two-mix to be recorded to CompactFlash while isos and a mix can be simultaneously recorded to the internal drive.

File Storage and Transfer

The 788T-SSD has three options for recording media: internal solid-state drive (SSD), CompactFlash card, or external FireWire drive. Any or all of these can be used simultaneously. It may also be connected to Mac OS or Windows-based computers for high-speed data transfer.

Timecode & Word Clock

With its on-board high-accuracy Ambient timecode generator the 788T-SSD is at home in complex multi-camera sync-sound productions. Use it as the master clock for the most accurate on-set timecode reference. All common timecode frame rates and modes are supported. Word clock I/O can be used for sample-accurate multi-device connection.


The 788T-SSD controls are fast and intuitive with easy to access buttons, scroll wheel, pop out gain and an informative front panel display. It also offers a USB keyboard input for control and metadata editing. The CL-8 and CL-9 accessories offer dedicated faders and controls for the portable recorder.

Mix Assist

Mix Assist “auto-mixes” the post-fade outputs by automatically reducing, or attenuating, the level of microphones that are not active. Mix Assist helps maintain consistent background sound level regardless of the number of open microphones. It reduces comb filtering and phasing when multiple microphones pick up a single sound source. It also increases gain before feedback when the recorder is feeding a sound reinforcement system.

Additional Features

  • Each input has solo headphone monitoring, 48 V phantom, limiter, polarity reverse, high-pass, and selectable delay.
  • Sampling rate converters for digital inputs.
  • Sampling rate selectable up to 192 kHz.
  • AES42 digital microphone support.
  • Backlit LCD display viewable in any environment.
  • 8 x 13-segment Peak/VU meters with arm LED.
  • Powered by removable Li-ion rechargeable batteries.
  • External DC input powers unit and charges Li-ion battery.
  • Multi-pin connector for one-cable connection to digital mixing boards (AES input/output, power, switch closure in/out).
  • FireWire 400/800 and USB 2.0 connections for file transfer between 788T’s CF and SSD to computer.
  • USB keyboard input for control.
  • Aluminum & stainless-steel chassis for exceptional durability and light weight.
  • Designed for the same operational environmental extremes as Sound Devices field mixers.

2 Year Warranty

One-year standard warranty turns into two-years upon registration.
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What’s in the box:


788T-SSD Digital Audio Recorder


XL-WPH3 universal in-line power supply; AC; 100-240 VAC input, 12 VDC/45 watt output


CS-MAN padded carry case


XL-RJ C-link cable


USB A to USB B cable (2M)


XL-B2 removable Li-Ion battery


Adhesive rubber “bumpers”


788T Front Panel Button Shortcuts reference card


Product registration card


Packing List (this sheet)


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One-year standard warranty turns into two-years upon registration.
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Latest Firmware: 788T Firmware v3.02
  • Improvements
    • Settings are now saved to internal flash memory in a more robust and secure way, significantly reducing the likelihood of random loss or corruption of user settings.
  • Known issues
    • Slightly delayed reaction when enabling tracks using the CL-9 Track Buttons.
    • When C-linking 788T's, if the Master 788T is set to record multiple mono files to more than one media, it can sometimes miss sending a record start command to the slave. For this reason, it is recommended that the Master 788T is set to record to Poly wave files if recording to more than one media.
    • CL-9 Trim Levels are not correctly restored after a power cycle. Workaround: Check trim levels after power cycles. A slight adjustment of the encoder will return the trim level to the set value prior to power down.
    • CL-9 Encoder Acceleration 2-Speed and 3-Speed settings do not work correctly when a USB keyboard is connected to the CL-9. Workarounds: Use Classic or Fixed Encoder Acceleration Modes or disconnect the USB keyboard and use CL-1, CL-WIFI, or Wave Agent Control Mode to enter/edit metadata.


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