Rack-mounted audio recorder with time code. 64-track mono or polyphonic WAV file recording. I/O includes 8-balanced line level, 8-AES3, 64-Dante, and 64-MADI. Word clock I/O. Accepts two front-panel-mounted SATA drives in caddies plus two-back panel eSATA-connected drives. RS-422 and embedded web-server control. Power supply included. Rack kit not included.


Latest Firmware: 970 Firmware v2.34
Released: July 23, 2019


  • Support of SMB 2. This cures incompatibility of Samba transfer with some Windows 10 systems. 
  • Updated Dante Brooklyn II board to firmware version 


  • Longer duration WAV files no longer prematurely stop during playing back. 
  • ‘Unrecognized File’ error no longer appears after fast forwarding to the end of a Mono WAV file. 
  • Improved Dante Sync performance. 
  • Various performance improvements.