64-track audio recorder with Dante and MADI


Rack-mounted audio recorder with time code. 64-track mono or polyphonic WAV file recording. I/O includes 8-balanced line level, 8-AES3, 64-Dante, and 64-MADI. Word clock I/O. Accepts two front-panel-mounted SATA drives in caddies plus two-back panel eSATA-connected drives. RS-422 and embedded web-server control. Power supply included. Rack kit not included.

The 970: 64-Track Dante and MADI Audio Recorder

Sound Devices model 970 is a robust, 64-track Dante and MADI-equipped multi-track audio recorder. The half rack, 2U device simplifies applications requiring high-track-count, high-quality audio recordings.

MADI and Dante

MADI and Dante

The 970 records 64 channels of monophonic or polyphonic 24-bit, 48 kHz WAV files from any of its 144 available input connections. Connections include 64 channels of Ethernet-based Dante, 64 channels of optical or coaxial MADI, eight channels of line-level analog, and eight channels of AES digital. Any input can be assigned to any track. 32-track recording at 96 kHz is supported.

Simultaneous Multi-Drive Recording

The 970 records to any of four attached drives, two front-panel drive bays and two rear-panel e-SATA connected drives. With four available drives, material can be recorded to multiple drives simultaneously for simultaneous backups, eliminating time-consuming post-record copying. Drives can also be set to record sequentially, allowing continuous long form, high-track count recordings.

Perfect Sync

With its built-in, rock-steady Ambient timecode generator, the 970 can operate as either the master clock or it can be jammed to external devices cameras and other sources. All common production time code rates and modes are supported. The 970 also supports clock synchronization from external word clock, video, MADI, or AES. To simplify connection of multiple digital inputs, SRC’s are available at each input.

PowerSafe™ and Dual Power Supplies

PowerSafe™ circuitry provides a constant 10-second power reserve. In the event of power loss, the 970 continues to operate for up to 10 seconds, then cleanly stops any file operation and safely shuts down. The 970 draws 10-27 VDC through a four-pin XLR connector. A secondary connection allows connection to redundant power supplies.


FileSafe™ keeps recorded files intact and recoverable. Transparent to users, FileSafe™ records to an intermediate format that “finalizes” files after recording. Available for Mac OS X and Windows. Click here for more info.

Network Connected

The 970 can be controlled from browser-capable computers and tablets. When connected to a data network, transport controls and setup menu controls are available on PIXNET. PIXNET offers control of one or multiple 970 recorders. Multiple units can be grouped for simultaneous control.


Intuitive Interface

The 970 was designed with knowledge gained from the industry’s top engineers and from Sound Devices expertise in field mixers. Recognizing that sounds engineers operate in fast-paced environments, important controls are a knob or a switch away, while extended features are quickly accessed with the intuitive LCD-based control.


The A10-RACK is a 1-RU enclosure which accepts slot-in wireless receivers such as the Audio Limited A10-RX or other brand receivers. The A10-RACK features built-in power and antenna distribution plus Dante for up to 4 two-channel slot-in receivers. That is a total of eight channels of Dante, plus AES digital outputs, or analog outputs— all in a single, sleek, 1-RU chassis. The A10-RACK accommodates single-channel Unislot receivers and most two-channel Superslot-compatible receivers, such as Audio Limited’s A10-RX or other models from Lectrosonics and Wisycom utilizing the D-sub 25 pin interface. With the Dante audio network integration of the A10-RACK, all eight channels of high-quality audio from the wireless receivers can be transported over a single CAT5 network cable to many destinations without any degradation or extra hardware. Learn more about the A10-RACK.

2 Year Warranty

One-year standard warranty turns into two-years upon registration.
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What’s in the box:


970 Audio Recorder


Power Supply


10-pin Phoenix Screw Terminal Block


Adhesive rubber “bumpers”


Product registration card


Packing List (this document)


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One-year standard warranty turns into two-years upon registration.
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Latest Firmware: 970 Firmware v2.33
  • New
    • RS-422 Servo Lock Status Bit implemented to support transport control from more DAWs and NLEs.
    • Added Dante Sync option to Menu>Timecode/Sync > Sync Ref
  • Changed
    • Updated Dante Brooklyn II Firmware to
  • Fixed
    • Jumping to cue points within WAV files sometimes terminated playback and produced ‘Unable to play this file” error messages.
    • Synchronization with MADI sources improved.
    • Audio level increased when locating to cue markers during playback of WAV files.
    • Sometimes failed to appear as a Dante Device in the Audio Source List after disconnecting and reconnecting ethernet.


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