A20-Nexus Go 2-Channel Expansion License


The A20-Nexus Go 2-Channel Expansion License takes your A20-Nexus Go wireless receiver from four channels to six or eight, without requiring additional hardware. It gives your bag maximum flexibility while keeping it lightweight and compact. You can purchase permanent licenses, or if you just need the extra channels occasionally, they are available for rent:  

  • Two additional receiver channels, permanent purchase: $2500 
  • Two additional receiver channels, temporary basis:  
    • Seven-day license: $250 
    • 30-day license: $850 

One license will bring the total receiver count of the A20-Nexus Go from four to six channels. A second license will expand the receiver to its maximum of eight channels. You can use permanent and rental licenses together on one receiver, but cannot exceed eight channels on the A20-Nexus Go receiver. 

Get more information about the A20-Nexus Go 2-Channel Expansion License in the Plugin Store.