NexLink™ antennas remote mounted via Ethernet


NexLink is Sound Devices’ long-distance remote control of all A20 transmitters. This game-changing system allows remote control of all parameters on the transmitters – and has a distance exceeding the audio. Since NexLink operates at 2.4 GHz, its antennas cannot be remote-mounted more than a few inches due to cable loss – until now.  

With the A20-Outpost-NL, NexLink antennas can be located near the action, along with UHF audio antennas. Remote mounting is simple, using Cat-6 Ethernet cable or even fiber optic Ethernet. One A20-Outpost-NL can cover all the action within a large stadium, with its antennas located in the arena, not at the equipment rack.  

  Main Features

  • Allows NexLink antennas to be remote mounted via Ethernet
  • Powered by PoE or USB-C input 
  • Cat-6 or Optical Ethernet (via SFP module)  
Additional Features  
  • Rugged, rain-resistant chassis  
  • Dual ¼”, 3/8”, 5/8” mounting hole blocks  
  • Very easy plug-and-play setup  
  • Compatible with A20-Nexus and A20-SuperNexus  
  • Customize an A20-Outpost-NL’s name for easy identification, (e.g. Stage 1, Stage 2, etc.)  
  • Monitor A20-Outpost-NL connection status directly from A20-Nexus or A20-SuperNexus