The A20-QuickDock enables the A20-Nexus to be docked to 833, 888, or Scorpio mixer/recorders. The bottom panel incorporates a multi-pin port that provides convenient power, audio, and timecode connections with no additional cables. This accessory allows the A20-Nexus to connect and disconnect from the 8-Series in seconds with no tools, allowing for easy remote mounting when desired.

Considerations when docking an A20-Nexus on an 8-Series mixer/recorder:

  • Power must be provided by the 8-Series – A20-Nexus power inputs (TA4 and PoE+) are disabled.
  • Most A20-Nexus rear panel connectors are disabled apart from the antenna connectors, the USB-A port and the Ethernet ports.
  • When docked to an 8-Series, the A20-Nexus Ethernet ports can only be used for control, not Dante.


  • H x W x D
    • 2.1 cm x 20.6 cm x 15.1 cm
    • 0.81 in x 8.11 in 5.93 in
  • Weight
    • 0.23 kg (unpackaged)
    • 0.50 lbs (unpackaged)
    • 0.44 kg (packaged)
    • 0.98 lbs (packaged)
  • Height added to the 8-Series and A20-Nexus rig
    • 1.1 cm added height
    • 0.42 in added height

The A20-QuickDock kit includes:

  • Mounting plate with detachable Quick Release mechanism and multi-pin connector.
  • 2 mm and 1/16” allen keys.
  • Four 1/16” allen screws for securing the mounting plate to the bottom of the A20-Nexus.
  • Three long and two short mounting pegs for securing the A20-Nexus to the top of the 8-Series.
  • Additional mounting hardware for Scorpio.