CEDAR sdnx


Over the last few decades, CEDAR has become synonymous with real-time, low-latency, and artifact-free audio restoration and noise suppression. CEDAR sdnx brings CEDAR Audio Ltd.’s highly-regarded noise suppression technology to 8-Series mixer-recorders. This optional plugin reduces unwanted background noises so you can better capture dialog.

CEDAR sdnx has near-zero latency and one simple control for adjusting the amount of suppression. Up to 8 instances of CEDAR sdnx are available per mixer-recorder/device. These instances can run on any combination of isolated channels (excluding 17-32 on Scorpio) or bus. The plugin functions at sample rates up to and including 96 kHz.

Previously, using CEDAR with an 8-Series mixer-recorder required a separate hardware unit like the CEDAR DNS 2. This collaboration between CEDAR and Sound Devices marks the first time CEDAR technology has been available in-unit for any portable mixer-recorder. Now, even ultra-light portable recording setups have access to CEDAR noise suppression.

CEDAR sdnx requires 8-Series firmware v7.40 or higher. Want to try before you buy? The 2-instance version of the plugin is available as a demo on 8-Series running v7.40 or higher.
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