Musician Plugin


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Turn your MixPre II into a portable music studio! The Musician Plugin works in a similar fashion to any Digital Audio Workstation (DAW); however, it is intentionally simplified to allow musicians to focus on their art rather than get bogged down in technical stuff.

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With the Musician plugin activated, the following features are available:

  • Track Laying/Overdubbing – Record up to 12 tracks total: three at once on the MixPre-3 II, six at once on the MixPre-6 II, and eight at once on the MixPre-10 II.
  • Track Bouncing – Mix multiple tracks into one or two, freeing up more tracks for further overdubbing.
  • Punch In/Out – Automatically or manually drop in and out of record on armed tracks while playing back existing unarmed tracks.
  • Cue Markers – Navigate your song easily using cue markers
  • Effects – Add character by applying Reverb or Vocal Air
  • Metronome – Use the built-in, configurable metronome to keep your performance in time.
  • Input to Track Routing – Route any input to any track, reducing the need to re-plug inputs.
  • Mixing – During recording or playback, create a mix using fader knobs, pans, solos, mutes, and effects.
  • Rendering – Render (export) your song for sharing with others.
  • Import – Load a multichannel wav file from a DAW to use as the foundation of a new project or as a backing track for live performance.