Companion App for A20 and A10 Wireless Systems


SD-Utility is a companion application for the A20-Mini, A20-RX, A10-TX, and A10-RX. This application can be used to process files recorded by the A20-Mini and A10-TX. SD-Utility replaces Sound Devices’ former file conversion utility, Mic2Wav. SD-Utility includes a Combine to Poly option when exporting by Timecode Range or Conform to CSV, the ability to add up to 10 seconds of pre- or post-roll to exported WAVs when using Conform to CSV, and more.

A20-Mini 32-bit float, 48 kHz, monophonic WAV and RF64 WAV files can be renamed, snipped by timecode values, converted to 24 bit, conformed to a CSV Sound Report, and more.

SD-Utility supports MIC files recorded in the A10-TX transmitter, batch conversion or individual file conversion, creation of User Groups, and firmware updates for the A20-RX and A10-RX.


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