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Made By: Location Sound London.

With this control surface you can access PFL and control Gain and Volume of the channels 1 to 8. You can customise your own control surface by adding features from the drop-down menus. Such features include internal light, space for track labelling, additional USB ports. Click on the button below and you will be redirected to the shopping page.

Slot receiver mounting kit


Made By: Black Audio Devices.

A High Quality Hard Anodized Aluminium Rack for Soundbags The modular rack is a combination of wings, base and slotcam. A helpful device to attach pro audio equipment from manufacturers such as Sennheiser, Wisycom and many more on a Sound Devices mixer.

Fader Knobs Glow-In-The-Dark / 2-Color for 8-Series

Made By: Bioluminous.

We have worked with production sound mixers from all around the world to design and perfect a set of fader knobs for Sound Devices recorders. The stock factory knobs are sharp to the touch and hard to see in dark conditions or in a bag. These knobs are designed to feel very nice on the fingers with smooth, sculpted edges. And easy to see because they glow after exposure to light.

Large fader knobs sit 1.5mm higher than the factory knob for easier access. Small fader knobs sit approximately 4mm higher than the stock knob and do not retract flush like the stock one does. All knobs feature a main color along with a phosphorescent white section that glows green when exposed to light (we recommend using a small keychain UV LED to charge the glow for the best effect). After exposure, the knobs will glow for a while.

Will fit many models (please contact us if you have a model not listed in the title).

688 Firmware v4.70

Download Firmware v4.70


  • The A20-Mini transmitter introduces GainForward, a new feature that eliminates the need to adjust microphone preamplifier gain at the wireless transmitter. Audio levels from the transmitter are controlled either directly at the mixer’s trim control or at the wireless receiver. Read more about GainForward.
  • Support for A20-Mini GainForward. When the A10-RX receiving an A20-Mini signal is slotted into the SL-6, the A10-RX Input menu settings are bypassed and all gain, low cut, and limiter activity are performed and controlled by the 688. Trim gain range is 0 to 60 dB for the 688 channel receiving signal from the A20-Mini. 
  • A10-RX Receiver Setup screens show Limiter, High Pass Filter, and clipping status of the associated 688 channel when receiving signal from the A20-Mini. 
  • A10-RX Receiver screens now display overload, mute, and record status of A10-TX. 
  • SuperSlot Receiver Overview screen now shows record status of the A20-Mini and A10-TX. 


  • SL-6 related screens no longer display incorrect values for the A10-RX Y (7 MHz) TV channel mapping.