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688 Firmware v4.60

  • New
    • Auto-Mute feature provides the option of automatically silencing the X1-X6 outputs when in stop mode.
    • SL-6 SuperSlot support of the Lectrosonics SRc-941.
    • SL-6 SuperSlot support of RF scan between 941-960 MHz for the Lectrosonics SRc-941.
    • Audio Limited A10-RX Orientation menu control from the 688.
  • Changed
    • Audio Limited A10-RX Menu > Settings > Orientation is no longer automatically set to Normal by the 688 at power up. This change is to accommodate the Audio Limited A-FLIP accessory.
  • Fixed
    • Rare event where takes disappeared after renaming has been eliminated.
    • Intermittent lockup that affected a limited range of 688 hardware revisions when combined with the SL-6 no longer occurs.
  • Known issues
    • The CL-12 does not always initialize when connecting to the 688 if the CL-12’s DC Boost Input is connected.
      • Workaround: When disconnecting the CL-12 from the 688: Remove the DC Boost Input micro USB cable before disconnecting the CL-12/688 USB A to USB B cable. When connecting the CL-12 to the 688: Connect the CL-12/688 USB A to USB B cable before connecting the DC Boost Input micro USB cable.
    • Rare issue where the system clock gets set to an invalid date. This can cause the daily folder to be incorrectly named and therefore the files get stored in the wrong folder. As of V2.00+, if the 688 detects an invalid date, it will display the following message: “System date error detected. Please reset time and date.”

688 Firmware v4.53

  • New
    • SL-6 SuperSlot support for A10-RX RF Scan.
    • SL-6 SuperSlot support for Lectrosonics SRc bands B2 and C2.
    • Wisycom MCR-42 squelch level display in the RF Scan screen.
  • Changed
    • Removed the automatic front panel lockout of SuperSlot Receivers.
  • Fixed
    • Various incompatibility issues between SuperSlot SL-6 and Lectrosonics SRb (v5.3) receivers.
    • Detection of UniSlot receiver audio was delayed after booting up the SL-6.
    • A10 receivers in SL-6 slots 2 and 3 would not have their frequency correctly displayed in the RX Overview screen.
    • A10-RX TV Channel Map settings would not be properly read by the 688 when changed from the A10-RX.

688 Firmware v4.52

  • New
    • 688/SL-6 SuperSlot support for the new Audio Ltd A10-RX with A-SL adapter. Includes control and monitoring of RF Frequency, TV-channel, Sub-channel, TX Battery Level, RF Level, Region Selection (X, Y, Z), and ability to update RX Firmware. RF Scan is not supported.
  • Fixed
    • After power cycling, the take number would not be correctly incremented causing
  • duplicate file names.