302 High-Pass Filters

Each input on the 302 mixer has a two-position high-pass filter. High-pass filters allow high frequency signals to pass while attenuating low frequency signals. High pass filters are useful at reducing wind noise, microphone handling noise, and room noise while having little effect on speech reproduction.

The 302 mixer's high-pass filters have two-positions, 80 Hz and 160 Hz. Both of these filters have a 12 dB/octave slope. Use the 160 Hz filter when there is an excess of low-frequencies that are reducing speech intelligibility.

Silent Filter Engagement

The high-pass filters on the 302 are specifically designed to be used while the unit is in operation. When toggling between filter states, the circuitry eliminates audible artifacts by slowly ramping up and down the filter engagement. Users who rapidly toggle back and forth between filter positions will not notice any change in high-pass filter since it takes several seconds for the filters to activate and deactivate.

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