633 and 664 Media Errors When Using Newer Delkin CF 500x/700x Cards

Sound Devices has worked directly with Delkin to identify an intermittent Media I/O issue with newer Delkin CF 500x and CF 700x cards.

Delkin has confirmed that a change made to these two cards beginning in April of 2013 is most likely responsible for these errors. Cards containing KZ in the serial number are susceptible to this issue and should not be used. Cards containing VB in the serial number will function correctly and are approved. Deklin CF 1000x and 1050x cards do not experience this issue and may continue to be used.

Authorized Sound Devices resellers have received Delkin CF 1000x cards which will be made available to 633 kit owners who received the Delkin CF 700x card that originally shipped with the kits. Customers that purchased a Sound Devices 633 kit should contact their authorized reseller immediately to arrange an exchange.

Sound Devices 633 and 664 owners that purchased Delkin CF 500x or 700x cards via a 3rd party may contact Delkin Customer Service directly for information on replacement options. Delkin Customer Service can be reached at 800-637-8087 x161 or x126 or [email protected].

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