PowerSafe and QuickBoot Explained

The 633 Mixer was Sound Devices' first product to offer PowerSafe. PowerSafe is included on the 688 recorder as well. PowerSafe technology offers numerous benefits, including:

  • an internal, integrated 10 second power reserve available when all power sources are removed, specifically when power is removed unintentionally
  • smart sensing of available power sources and their voltages
  • front panel warning indication that power sources have been removed
  • automatic stopping of recording and other file operations upon detection of power removal
  • automatic power down of unit after file operations have completed
  • QuickBoot

With PowerSafe, inadvertent power removal has no effect on recording. In the event of a complete power loss, recording and file operations are properly stopped prior to the automatic shutdown.


A feature of PowerSafe is the units ability to QuickBoot. Quickboot allows the mixer to turn on and start recording in less than two seconds. QuickBoot is active for two hours after a 633 has been powered down. If the unit has been powered down for more than 120 minutes, QuickBoot is automatically deactivated. The next time the unit is powered up, the normal, slightly longer power on process occurs. With QuickBoot active and the mixer power switch off, the front panel Time Code LED flashes every 2 seconds.

Manually Shutting Down Mixer and Bypassing QuickBoot

There may be times when a user wants to bypass QuickBoot and completely shut down the mixer. One application is to preserve the PowerSafe battery (described below).

To perform this shutdown:

  1. Power off the mixer.
  2. Hold the Menu Button down for approximately seven (7) seconds.
  3. The LCD will flash and the Time Code LED no longer flashes.

Note that manually shutting down the mixer also resets its time code clock, requiring re-jamming.

About the PowerSafe and QuickBoot Battery

PowerSafe and QuickBoot operate from an integrated-internal, rechargeable Lithium-ion battery. This battery is charged when the 633 is powered on from the source actively powering it. In typical use, the PowerSafe battery needs roughly 20 minutes of charge after the mixer has been in QuickBoot for more than 120 minutes. If the PowerSafe battery is completely exhausted, it may require up to 180 minutes of charge time.