664 Firmware v2.02

  • New
    • Added new Timecode modes, ‘Free Run Auto Mute’ and ’24h Run Auto Mute’. These modes operate just like Free run and 24h modes, but mute the Lemo LTC timecode output when recording is stopped. This can be used to roll external devices when Rec run timecode is not suitable e.g. multi-cam shoots.
    • Added shortcut for super-fast scene name editing. Pressing HP encoder + RTN A during record edits the current take’s scene name. Pressing HP encoder + RTN A during stop edits the next take’s scene name.
    • Added User Bit modes including support for automatically inserting the date into User Bits.
    • Added Headphone Preset List menu in the System menu. This adds the ability to customize how many and which HP presets show in the HP preset List. Ideal for setting up the HP preset list for reduced scrolling and quicker access to presets.
    • Added support for the wireless mini keyboard Rii / RT-MWK01, ideal for use as a compact remote control.
  • Fixed
    • Lock up when deleting notes form files recorder as MP3 to one media and WAV to the other.
    • Various system and media optimizations improving performance with monophonic file recording.