664 Firmware v3.10

  • New
    • Support for 3rd party wireless control, timecode and metadata management including:
      • Timecode Systems :WAVE and PureBlend’s MovieSlate® iOS app
      • Ambient® Master Lockit.
    • New menu option to disable the CL-12 Output level controls (L, R, X1 and X2). Options for MENU > CL-12 > L-X2 Gain Pots include: Enable or Disable.
    • Take Designator can now be set to any alpha character or ‘-‘ (T is default) in MENU > FILE STORAGE > Take Designator.
  • Changed
      Edit Channel # Name screen. Now when selecting the same PFL, the track name reverts to the previous entry and returns to the Input Settings screen. Selecting another PFL cancels name changes and provides immediate entry to the new channel’s Input Settings screen.
  • Fixed
    • Arming paired LR or X1/X2 tracks using the CL-12 LR, X1/X2 pots did not correctly operate on the pairs.
    • Track Name entries from Input Settings Window would not hold if that track name already existed.
    • Channels turned off from the CL-12 were reverting back to On after a power cycle.