688 Firmware v3.01

  • New
    • Scrolling the SL-6 RF Scan plot using the HP encoder now skips over gaps of unused RF frequencies allowing for quicker scrolling through the RF plot.
  • Changed
    • Lectrosonics SRb and SRc are temporarily set to an output level of -50 dB during the SL-6 RF Scan process. This is to avoid unwanted loud signals sent to the 688 during the scan.
  • Fixed
    • SL-6 RF Scan does not complete correctly when three Wisycom MCR-42s are in use.
    • General clean up of SL-6 RF Scan with Wisycom MCR42, including faster scantime.
    • Lectrosonics SRb and SRc do not revert to previously selected frequencies afterthe SL-6 RF Scan when a frequency wasn’t assigned to the Receiver.
    • SRc Block 606 Tx Switches are not displayed correctly in the 688 Rx Screen.