688 / SL-6 Review: Mix Magazine

In-depth review of the 688 mixer/recorder and SL-6 powering and wireless system by production veteran Ron DiCianni.

“The Sound Devices 688 is a portable audio mixer/recorder that is a natural and logical next step in the product line. For owners of Sound Devices gear, the menu appearance and navigation about the unit is similar to the 664. It features 12 total inputs, including six mic/line (XLR) with phantom power, a highpass filter, input limiter and pan and six line-level inputs on TA3 connectors. The total of 12 analog inputs is plenty to handle most of the workload I experience here in Nashville, and adding the mini-fader option for tracks 7-12 makes it easier to use than the 664.

Routing is sophisticated and flexible, and the DSP-based MixAssist function supports up to 12 channels. All common sample rates are supported (192 kHz on six tracks) with monophonic or polyphonic BWAV files recorded to SD or CompactFlash cards. Other features include solid switches, faders, recessed controls and other inputs and outputs that will be familiar to all users of Sound Devices products.”

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