7-Series Input Linking For Stereo and MS

Analog Inputs 1 and 2 can be linked as a stereo pair, either L/R or MS. This allows control of the stereo pair with a single control.

  • When in stereo link mode Input 1 controls the overall level of the stereo signal; the Input 2 gain control adjusts the left-right balance.
  • When in MS mode connect the mid signal to Input 1 and the side signal to Input 2. The inputs are decoded to LR stereo with control identical to the stereo mode above.

To link inputs 1 and 2 enter the Setup Menu and select the option " Input 1,2 : Linking, MS",then select "Linked 1,2" for stereo, or " Linked 1,2 and M/S " for MS stereo.