Sound Devices’ WAV Files with Avid and Final Cut Pro

Q: Are your files compatible with Avid and Final Cut Pro and do you need an audio program to open them on a Mac? A: The audio files generated Sound devices products are compatible with FCP and Avid. The latest versions of both of these applications accept polyphonic WAV files (Broadcast Wave) with 24-bit depths properly. Additionally, both of these applications recognize BWF time code and show it in the file bin. Early versions of Final Cut (before 5.1) did not support time code-stamped WAV/BWF files. They required conversion to a Quicktime or XML file before importing. Several applications can perform this function.
  • Sebsky Tools - converts BWF to MOV files. Time code remains intact. It does support 30 FPS files.
  • BWF2XML Beta - another conversion utility, presently in beta form.
NOTE: Sound Devices does not endorse or specifically recommend these applications. Contact the software publishers directly for more information.