788T Firmware v3.02

Download v3.02.2
  • Improvements
    • Settings are now saved to internal flash memory in a more robust and secure way, significantly reducing the likelihood of random loss or corruption of user settings.
  • Known issues
    • Slightly delayed reaction when enabling tracks using the CL-9 Track Buttons.
    • When C-linking 788T’s, if the source 788T is set to record multiple mono files to more than one media, it can sometimes miss sending a record start command to the sync device. For this reason, it is recommended that the source 788T is set to record to Poly wave files if recording to more than one media.
    • CL-9 Trim Levels are not correctly restored after a power cycle. Workaround: Check trim levels after power cycles. A slight adjustment of the encoder will return the trim level to the set value prior to power down.
    • CL-9 Encoder Acceleration 2-Speed and 3-Speed settings do not work correctly when a USB keyboard is connected to the CL-9. Workarounds: Use Classic or Fixed Encoder Acceleration Modes or disconnect the USB keyboard and use CL-1, CL-WIFI, or Wave Agent Control Mode to enter/edit metadata.