788T with Wireless Systems

Since the conception of the 788T, Sound Devices engineering designed the recorder to make sure that it could be used in a bag in close proximity to wireless receivers without ill effect. The result: the 788T is a benchmark for digital recorders and RF performance.

All digital devices radiate stray RF energy, which can reduce the range of wireless microphone systems. This is inherent in all digital devices due to the manifold clocks (square waves) used inside, interconnecting CPUs, memory, converters, and all of the logic. While it is impossible to ever completely silence the RF emissions (other than using analog technology), they can be significantly attenuated. Many design strategies have been employed on the 788T to keep the RF to a minimum.

These include:

  • Solid metal chassis on all six sides with extra internal shielding
  • Conductive (and waterproof) seals around the top and bottom panels
  • Extensive PC Board grounding (ground early and often...)
  • Conductive foam grounding pads
  • Copper tape grounding
  • 10-layer circuit board with extensive "via" stitching
  • Slew rate limiting on clocks
  • Ferrite tape on flex cables
  • Ferrite decoupling of ICs
  • Extensive capacitor bypassing at all gazintas and gazoutas
  • Duct tape
  • Baling Wire
  • Chewing gum
  • Black candles, magic
  • Special chants from a dusty old Wizardry and Spells book, found in Rio Rancho

The 788T has been tested with popular receivers in all frequency blocks, and care has been taken to reduce or eliminate all RF interference in those bands. We have compared the level of 788T RF emissions to the major competitive products in this industry. Sound Devices has reduced emissions to a level that is as good or better than any digital recorder on the market.

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